Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Providence is for Pew!

With the conclusion of our Pure Blind bike ride, the gentle fellows at Rote Kapelle have decided to extend our little field trip and make asses of ourselves in Providence, neatly avoiding the IT blobbing of Syndicate, but hopefully not scaring off any new targets there!

Not the provi you are looking for
So, off to Providence!

Wait no, not that Providence!  It being the preferred freighter to kill during out PB road trip.

Instead we find ourselves deep in one of the arms of Provi, meeting up with our long-time friends in Reaper Industries and their Alliance, Asset Liberation Front.

Yep, that's the one.
Our logistics move was done Friday, Rote Flexing it's Logistics/capital backbone hard to get it done in a single day, with the final movements completed on Saturday.  I was lucky enough to have my stuff moved Friday and be able to move my clone into the new habitat for STIMmyness in QBL, Reapers Junkyard.

As a hello to our new Providence neighbors we departed soon after in a joint fleet of RK/Asset nanoHAC swarm intent on finding some kills.

We steamrolled a bit, starting with this poor Vagabond pilot, who buzzed the station right as the fleet was forming and undocking.  Poor timing and good tackle proved his vaga wasn't long for this world.

Following that we moved out to G7 catching a Rapier, part of the Vagabond's fleet, on the gate out of QBL, turning him into dust just as quick as we could uncloak him.  DACO was thought to be camping along FSW to MH9C area, I had just flown a Cov ops through the area but had been able to sneak past.   However we turned and burned for the bottom pipe, looking to catch the rest of the En Garde fleet, managing only to catch them once they had caught up with a blue fleet... who they were also blue to, damn standings.  HAHAHAHA just kidding, we killed a Drake, then put another deep into armor before it jumped out and nearly got a Drake for our trouble.  Suddenly we were joined by a carrier on the gate, the blues were cross repping the Geddon left on the gate, trying to deny us a rightful kill!  Fairly it was a good attempt, but near 200k damage, a few good bumps, the carrier reps were overcome.

This time we headed back up to pay DACO a visit but they had intel on us by then and had moved out of the way.  We plowed on, heading for R3- on the way back to QBL.... well the round about way back.  En Garde wasn't happy thanks to our previous kills and were happy to provide a response fleet once we jumped into their smallish gang in 1-1I.  We claimed first blood, knocking down a Phantasm, Harbinger, and a fleeing Drake, followed by a brief lul as most of the rest of the En Garde gang warped off.  We looted and pulled range, and they warped back in with support on the other side, they were able to catch Cassius, eventually killing him.  We were still able to skirmish, darting down to score 2 more BC's and a cruiser kill before they had all were able to warp out from our split tackle.

While looting we mostly re-approached gate, just in time for their fleet to come back and neatly split us between N8XA and 1-1I.  I was stuck in 1-1I having moved to range as they started to warp in.  Kakizaki made a costly mistake, staying in one position too, outside of 150km from the gate,a cov ops was able to probe him down, and have the rest of the hostile fleet warp on top of him.  The TS chatter made him realize too late, and his Huginn was downed quickly.  Meanwhile, the half gang on the other side killed a Harbinger and Vexor.  Using a moment their gang left the gate, the rest of our gang moved by and we were all able to depart to QBL with no further kills or losses.  End result was 10 kills to 2 losses in a fun, skirmish engagement, quite the warm welcome to Provi!  I look forward to more fights of the same as the rest of the weekend was uneventful for me.

I flew a Scimitar later in the weekend, but was mostly un-needed as our tanks didn't face a significant threat while I was on the field.  (even though we engaged a Ashimmu gang, well before they ran like hell...)

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  1. We might just meet on a gate then old BBW. Assuming I can bring myself to spend time on a gate in 0.0. Not a fan of the camping trips at the gates!