Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Looks like tuesday is another productive Eve day, with a new Dev blog out about the structures getting added. Everyone can read the important bits here : http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/shake-my-citadel/
Hey these look pretty cool! The main problem will be linked with how the stations are handled in the overall structure of the game.

To me this is all about scaling proportionately and correctly. For a long time POS's have been so overblown with HP, defenses and hardeners that it's not a content generator but the exact reverse. Small and medium POS have very little importance in cost or use, but they have so much HP that it makes it hard (if not impossible) for small gangs to do anything meaningful against the structures in the short term. Of course this is barring having your cap based ship orbit a POS for 24+ hours of non-stop shooting.

Anyways, the thing that will make or break this concept in my mind is pretty simple, how much HP will the structures have, as in how hard will it be to place them in a vulnerable state, how much of an offset will the structure going into a vulnerable state be, as in how long will it be re-enforced before becoming vulnerable, how will notifications of attack be sent out, and all the other small details. And secondly, how powerful will these defenses be in practice. Yes make the large and XL structures tough, but don't make the small and mediums overpowerful as well!

In short, give them too much HP (even for small to mid sized) or too many abilities or option for Defense, and they become non-viable targets for small gang roaming or engagements. Go the opposite route and they will never be used because they are too vulnerable/expensive no matter what the upside. I guess we will be looking closely as they roll out how the Entosis modules interact will everything, just as much these structures as everything else.

Like I said, sure making the Large and XL structures impossible for smaller gangs to attack effectively is GOOD, but doing the same with the smaller structures makes it that much harder for them to be content delivery and more to be PvP denial structures (much like current POS mechanics).

More good news though, at least ships will be off the scanner when idling inside!

See you in space.

Sov Part 1
Sov Part 2 (Includes information on the Entosis module)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Eve's 12??!! No really.

It's 2015 already and in eve terms that means eve is about to turn 12. So as my wife would say "I can't believe you are still playing that damn game."

Also known as my mistress, and also known as the thing that I have (off and on) been playing since late 2004, and with Logan since 2005. Bottom line, it's been a long time. In fact so long that I can't remember being any other gamer tag but Logan, even though it was not my first gamertag, I find that I am just as responsive when someone says Logan as my real name!

Anyways, into the meat of this post, first off, free stuff! (The real dream of Eve)

First, space barbie stuff, and Logan IS looking for a new look....
He may make it look good, but Logan will make it look FABULOUS! lol

Okay jokes aside, current subs will get two of these jackets, women's model looks just as good. Okay maybe a little better. So I have a weakness for the women of Eve...
Anyways we also look to get a couple of the commemorative implants... specifically:

  • CA-3 willpower +3; Provides +1.5% ship velocity and shield capacity bonus; 30% bonus for set (CA1-4 is a set)
  • CA-4 memory +3; Provides +1.5% ship agility and armor hit points bonus; 20% bonus for set (CA1-4 is a set)
The full details can be found at this link - https://community.eveonline.com/news/news-channels/eve-online-news/eve-is-twelve/

So it's time to re-up those alts and reflect on 12 years ago...

2003- Still in the Navy actually, completing my last deployment and last few months in, I didn't even know Eve was a thing at this point, and it would be a good full year before I realized what I was missing.

I got into Eve in 2004, before I had even met my now wife (feels like a lifetime ago) but boy did I play it like a habit. I started out pretty industrial, okay I did I lot of missions and mining before I got into the first big nullsec wars in the north (The really old ones) and it was downhill from there. Logan got created as my combat only alt, and my main, who soon turned alt, was split focused. By 2006 Logan was my primary character, and a minmatar specialist.

Back in those days the whole game was different as were figuring out new and better fits, and I delighted in the metagame of coming up with the new best thing. I spent a ton of time in lowsec around here and still miss those careless nights of roaming, slaughter and death.

I can't even list without more time than I want to dedicate all the things that have changed in 12 years, but while not all were good, either in Eve or outside of it, this is one game that has had a distinct impact in my life, and I don't think there is many games that can say that for me.

In short, happy Birthday Eve, may your soon to be teenaged years help mature you further.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An odd position

So the other day I was talking to a long ago friend of mine who I used to play Eve with and he wanted to know if I was still active in Eve, and more importantly if he should make the transition from Aion back to Eve. His stated reason for leaving Aion was that it was getting too "blobby" but that he still wanted "Large fights."

I was a little stunned, I mean, in my opinion Eve took the blob, perfected it and then used it to ruin every other game. Wait, was that Eve or human nature? Meh! Probably Eve. Anyways, wanting to leave the zerg and the blob behind but still get into large fights, they sounded pretty similar to me, so I didn't know where to go.

Anywho, I talked to him about some other options, if he was looking for battles on the mid-scale, but he wanted something larger, or maybe something more persistent. So in the end we still spent an age talking about Eve, but I was careful to reminded him of all the reasons why getting a desired battle is tricky, especially for someone coming back into the game.

Lots of new meta out there, like ships not showing up on Dscan, new shiptypes, new mechanics around guns and lots to learn. But most importantly, to remember to choose the battle you want to be in and deny the rest. Without that impulse, I see people come back to eve, dive into what they think is the right fight and end up hopelessly outmanned and outclassed due to continual escalation and a shift in meta they were not aware of.

It also made me wonder what, and where a lower skilled pilot would go to get into PvP, and where the main recruitment pipelines were for newer PvPers. In the end it goes back to the Eve forums, but it seems like the main pipeline are the following standouts. Brave has more or less hung up it's lowsec/highsec focus, but that doesn't mean they aren't a great place to get some footing and more importantly exposed to a high number of fights and talented teachers and a strong program to bring early players onto the right track. Well what about returning combat vets? Maybe RedvBlue, or perhaps one of the many facwar locations. I ended up suggesting Facwar because, let's face it, it's a good place for most sizes of combat, with far more fights rather than utter tidi slugfests, and I'm a bit biased towards smaller or even mid-sized fights for enjoyment.

I'll be the first to admit I have been favoring World of Tanks a lot more now recently than I have Eve online, but that's no excuse to forget the fun that can be had in Eve, and the challenge in eve that lots of other games just can't offer. In the end it is the shifting meta, the strange and cool new fits you stumble upon in your lifetime of flight, those battles you take and don't take, those ones you win and lose.

I hope he comes back to eve and finds the kinds of fights he is looking for, I'm sure he will if he looks for them. In the meantime, back into space with me and off to find adventures of my own.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Warp speed accel changes

The best thing to happen to Eve in a long time.

It's never made sense that to get into warp it takes a inty the same amount of time as a BS or even a BC or hell, even a cruiser. Perhaps everyone doesn't get UP to warp speed as fast, that being 75% of top speed, but once there, everyone gets into and out of the warp bubble with such a marginal difference in spool up that it's negligible in the long term of an engagement or even warp between stargates.


CCP is pushing through a new change with Rubicon that is going to change the way fast tackle and forward scouting, not to mention pursuit of fleeting hostiles or BS targets will work.

In this video by dkcarlos, the true speed can be brought into focus. This is of course utilizing a Stiletto, with 2 t1 warp rigs, speeding along at 14 AU/s. It makes a complete 31 AU warp in roughly 10 seconds. Another video by GamingwithDaOpa, shows a side by side comparison between the new warp speed and what is currently on TQ.

Just to name a few reasons why this is going to be pretty amazing, now if a cruiser or BS slips from tackle and heads towards the nearest clestial or warp gate, before they would likely be able to escape, but now, even with a 5-10 second lead frigate class, especially the fast warping interceptors, will be able to not only catch up, but also overtake fleeing ships and fleets, able to land tackle and get kills. To offset that, greater coordination will be needed in large mixed fleets because of mixed warp times. No longer can that triple plated baddon scoot along only marginally slower than that AHAC fleet, it will no be a good 20-30 seconds behind on almost every warp.

Overall we are going to see a resurgence of people who specialize in fast tackle and specialized, read t2 warp speed rigged, inty pilots who will maximize every stat to shaving time off warps. On the downside, this does impact smaller fleets ability to disengage from larger blobs with tackle able to more easily catch up and lock down one or two at a time.