Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SCL 4 Team drawings completed!

With the fourth SCL drawing near, the random draw for the remaining ten slots has finally been completed. Full details can be found at this link.

Or I am just going to copy it all in here.

Pandemic Legion and Reputation Cartel, as top 4 finishers in SCL 3, are guaranteed spots. Insurance Fraud Inc and Warlords of the Deep did not return this round.

This leaves 10 spots from the random drawing, so the first 10 teams on this list get in. I will be mailing these team captains to collect the entry fee.

1. Team Mincemeat
2. TEST Tourney Team Please Ignore
3. Spiritus Draconis
4. EXEceptional Otters
5. DeepWater
6. Pandemic B-Lues
7. Black Legion
8. Footwork
9. Top Three Teams from ATXI
10. Verge of Collapse
Your Boats Don't Count
Reputation Cartel
Late Night Alliance
Jakkaru's Revenge
Cerberus Allstars
Zulu Squad
Pandemic Legion
No Boundaries
Nulli Secunda
AT Renegades Council (RIOT)
Now with all 12 teams chosen the SCL can continue down the path for what is likely the most talked about tournament so far. Mainly because of the screen time the SCL commentators received during ATXI and the still relatively high interest around the SCL and alliance tournaments.

Unfortunately, my Rote Kapelle-filled team (No Boundaries) did not make the cut, but Reputation Cartel is guaranteed a spot. So no SCL for me! Maybe SCL5. In any case the SCL website remains down, but the bracket will now be filled in with actual team names.

Also, thanks Poetic, who pointed out that the teams that were guaranteed spots were also in the random drawing, those being both PL and Reputation Cartel.


  1. "Pandemic Legion and Reputation Cartel, as top 4 finishers in SCL 3, are guaranteed spots."

    "Unfortunately, neither of the prominent Rote Kapelle-filled teams made the cut (Reputation Cartel or the No Boundaries teams)."

    I don't get it. Reputation Cartel are guaranteed a spot, yet didn't make the cut.

    What is the criteria for getting into the SCL?

  2. Way to proof read my own post. I didn't notice that error, I'll sort it out and edit the post