Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vaga's never last

As long as I have been able to fly Vagabond's they never seem to last very long in my hands. The following are the vaga losses I remember

Vaga number 1. This was quite some time ago, where WCS x 2 was a pretty standard fit, and would have saved me, had I fit them. or even the Dual LSE might have saved me, but nooooo.

Scene: random lowsec in Caldari space. I engaged a rupture and Caracal around a planet with a ranis running as my backup, I was barreling towards the Caracal with my faction AB at full blast. The rupture was coming alongside me at about 20km, and just as I got inside 25km from the Caracal my ranis friend was jammed... by the Caracal. Damn overpowered multispecs I thought, and closed the distance hoping to kill the caracal and exact some revenge (multispec chance of a jam on pretty much any ship was around 35%). However it was not to be, right as I closed in on engagement range I was jammed too, then webbed, and then systimatically beaten to death... I swore off vagas for a while realizing if i had just fit the WCS I would have warped off, but it seemed so lame to fit like that.

Vaga 2!

Scene: deep in 0.0 ->Much later on in the midst of the Nano stage of eve, I picked up another vaga and pimped it out with a domi mwd, and DB point, anyways after a really nice run with it, meaning I got into combat more than twice and escaped alive, I ran into an old friend from a former corp in 0.0, I jumped out and then jumped back into the system to keep talking to him, however I was instead engaged by a nanophoon of doom and summarily killed, both the Domi MWD and point dropped :(

Vaga 3!

Lost it on a lowsec gate to a big CoW gang that tackled me and then had inties catch up to me before I could warp out, was definately my mistake to jump through into that!

Vaga 4!

Scene: Yet more lowsec! This just happened, I bought it literally 4 days before it's untimely death! I was boredom-ratting in lowsec out in Molden Heath, and saw a rax, Jaguar and Rifter in space buzzing around, all of them -5.0 types, so I thought I had a decent chance of taking them and baited them into a belt with me, The Jag burned after me and I lured it out hoping for a quick kill but my guns were just not hitting him, I never let him get under 10km for fear of his web and scram, then in warps the Rifter and Thorax. I am well away from them now and should have more than considered just leaving, but instead I decided to stay for a fight, I put my warrior II's on the Rax, and burned towards it slightly, hoping to cut back away from them in time to miss the Jag, but in time to kill the rifter. It worked out more like this, Drones on Rax, Jag and Rifter heading towards me, I notice the rifter but not the jag to well. I tell my drones to return and orbit. They head back to me without MWD (since when do they do that, I need to pay attention more). The jag ducks under 10km while I am still trying to kill the Rifter, Jag scrams and webs me. I lock it up and realize it is under my guns and tell my drones to start engaging, turn on my medium neut. His point drops momentarily, as the rifter dies, I align to warp out but fail on that as well because I think I can get another kill! I should have warped! Scram back active and now the rax is closing on me. At this point I realize I am pretty much dead, I put my guns on the Rax and drones on the Jag to see who dies first, one of them or me. It was me. I later realize I never traded to Barrage M from Fusion M, no wonder I was having a hard time hitting at 24 KM! I would blame that, but instead I will just compliment my killers on their moves, the Rax was also TDing me for those of you saying "why weren't you shooting at the Jag?"

On the upside I just bought two more Vagabonds! Will post here when they die too!


  1. I recall a time in the distant past using a Vagabond to bump a Bsword from my alliance's home system, only to have the bastard web me after a few bumps, jump his gang on me, and kill me. My alliance undocked after they had left grid, and in numbers once the hostile gang was gone.

    Another terribad loss was AFKing an unfit Vaga through highsec, only to discover that being in FW meant that highsec was meant it was no longer safe to do so. I lost it to two Rifters and a late arrival BNCing Megathron.

  2. Sounds about right for Vagabonds! I still haven't lost either of the two Vaga's I bought after this post, mainly because I have not flown them much I guess! Or they are just waiting for the dumbest mistake to kill them!