Friday, August 14, 2009


I ducked outside the station in my trusty Ishtar, with only one neutral in local and staying a bit to long. A little intel worked confirmed he was a criminal, and ripe for the taking, but in a Jag. I knew he would never stop or stay still long enough for the ishtar to be useful so I decided to trade out into a Jaguar of my own. I made sure the 3 x 150mm ac t2's were loaded, and undocked quickly, laying in a pursuit course to Klingt. I hopped through the gate just a few seconds after he left Local in Weld. I was surprised, and happy to find the Jaguar on the other side, red as I had anticipated, with another red Cyclone. I paused in cloak for a brief second to make sure they were not on the same side and the streaming drones and gunfire from the Cyclone made me sure. I figured I could help the Jaguar out in his quest to kill the cyclone and failing that still get a good fight with another Jag.

My uncloaking must have rattled the Cyclone pilot as he took off leaving his drones behind. The other Jag pilot must have had the same idea as me because as soon as the Cyclone was in warp he turned and locked me, and me him. I engaged at about 10km, throwing on my AB, web, Scram and guns, hoping my barrage would prove effective against his shields since I had left my Titanium Sabot S behind in my hangar. Circling he was scoring much better hits against my shield than I was on his, I was about at half and could see about 1/4-1/3 damage on his shield. Overheating my guns, I tucked in a closer orbit hoping to get in a bit under his tracking, but to no luck, my shields broke with a almost audible snap and dumped me straight into half armor, I began to click warp out to try to save my pod as I knew I would be seeing it soon. My trick of warping out not-responding I found myself quickly in Weld again, without a ship. To hell with that I though and hopped immediately into my Ishtar and undocked, heading for Klingt again!

I jumped into Klingt and found not only the Cyclone back on the gate but another non-affiliated Arazu! I immediately dropped drones and engaged the Cyclone guessing he would be the more likely of the two to engage me and not just jump out. Well that much may have been true in my head, the Cyclone pilot upon taking a few volleys from my Garde II's jumped out and the arazu followed shortly there after. I made chase as best I could calling for some help in Alliance. A vaga responded from deeper down the pipe in Skarkon, but bottom line we could not make it to a gate to catch the Cyclone before he ran and docked up in a station where we left him.

So once again, I lost yet another ship, but at least this time it was a better fight. Maybe I'll have better luck next time!

Until then....

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