Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We will be victorious.

"Forty percent shields and falling!  There won't be anything left of us after this pounding!"  Timmons grabbed for his console as more rounds splashed near the battleship.

"Relax Timmons, this is a Dominix, not a damned Raven like you are used to, besides the boss knows what he's doing."  Havens leaned back against his chair, strapped in, but yet barely able to feel the vibrations passing through the ship.  Timmons grasped nervously at his console, watching as the Angels drew near, Angel fire raking the shields of the Dominix.

Both manned one of the three 720mm Artillery batteries.  Timmons was pressed to the side in the backup controller, watching the seeming lazy loading crews lounge while the guns remained silent.

Despite Havens' size, nearly 2 and a half meters tall, pale and sickly skinny, his deft Sebiestor fingers kept the currently deactivated Artillery tracking perfectly on the approaching Angel frigates.  Nudging the battery slightly to the left and then down, leading the advanced frigate awaiting the order to fire.

The red "FIRE" lamp lit the console, the only sound as the shell left the cannon was the slap click of the recoil and the bang of the spent charge ejecting into space.  "Round 1 away!  Gun bore clear, preparing to fire round two."

The round, already on it's way to the frigate, impacted just aft of the bridge of the frigate, the fusion blast consuming shield and armor in a devastating hit that left the frigate trailing debris.  Main engine venting, the second shell caught the flailing frigate in the midst of a hasty evasive move, breaking the containment on the power supply, the frigate vanishing in a sharp implosion, gutting the ship from the inside, incinerating the threat in an instant.

Havens had the second frigate locked and engaged.  It's shields were already failing, weakened by near misses from the other two gun crews.  A single shot flew from Havens' artillery, taking the Angel frigate just above one of the loaded auto cannons.  A ripple of secondary explosions tore along the side of the frigate before another shot could be fired.

Timmons uttered one word, "Wrecking."  With the only threat to the drones gone, artillery was given no further firing orders and watched in mute boredom as the drone crews had their fun.  Not even the massed fire from the remaining NPC's could breach the solid walls of armor on the Dominix.

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