Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The short list of Shiny!

Along with Shota Cypher, Eve SOB, and Rixx,

I too will follow the mighty example of Astral and talk about what two ships I would love to have dropped into my hangar!

Well my list is a little hard to come up with because I can already fly all of them, it would just be a matter of buying them and outfitting!  So I will focus on ones I don't currently own!  That eliminates quite a few, making my choice much easier.

 The Daredevil, just something about that sexy 90% web and nice damage gets me going with this ship.  I've been leaning towards flying smaller, faster ships recently so this fits right in!

Since I have both the frig V skills for this little meany I would like to see how it handles.  Other than some tourney time practices with it, I have no idea what it could do.  Ahh the days of the 90% webs, how I miss you so.  ANYWAYS, on to the number one on this list of wants!

Simply put, I guess my dreams must be pretty screwed up if you look at the two models of these two very similar ships.  While being a very FOTM ship, the Dramiel still holds a lot of intrigue for me.  I have yet to fly one since the faction frigate changes, but man do they ever look sleek and deadly!

Notching up impressive speed, a strong amount of EHP and the ability to keep out of range when needed the Dram is a easier choice to fly than the Daredevil.  Feared across the cluster by now it still impresses me with how fast it can lock, speed AND ability to lay down some good DPS with just two guns.

In other news I have recently picked up my 21st public follower, so I guess I can say someone reads my blogs, so welcome to the newcomers, great to have you, cookies are issued in Saranen right now, come on down, over, or up!


  1. I've tried both and I can confirm thier both awesome stuffs.

    The Daredevil is very scuicidal, and I prefer it with rails (sit at 8k with a scram and 90% web and just laugh as the other guys dies)

    The Dramiel is good too, but as you said its very FOTM, and kinda hard to get a fight in. (Nobody will fight them)

  2. I fly railranis sometimes as well, so I had planned to make my daredevil in it's image since it seems to be a sexier version, plus that web bonus is just too nice to ignore!

    The Dramiel is like the Vagabond I think, nobody REALLY wants to fight it unless they think they can either pin it down or have a trick up their sleeve to beat it. Makes getting fights a pain and usually the fights you DO get end up being heart poundingly close escapes or trapped by the blob, I like them either way, just wish you could get more fights instead of ganks or traps.

  3. Speedy dreams there BBW. You know the IBIS is calling you! ;)