Thursday, February 16, 2012

SRAT Finals and Wrapup

Last weekend closed out the first Syndicate Regional Alliance tournament. Previously I interviewed Apathetic Brent, but now on to the results of the final weekend.

Unfortunately replays of the fights seem to be few and far between and the killboards are scrambled due to many matches in a short amount of time.

The second weekend allowed previously losing teams to turn their luck around, Groon in particular made a strong comeback after practicing for the week with Rote Kapelle, as neither were able to easily field a second practice team.

  • Match One : Qualifier last match, the two undefeated teams;

Rote Kapelle(STUGH) vs Flying Dangerously (FIGL)
Rote's Sleipnir team battled on a razor edge for this fight for a long time, only managing to pull out a clear win later in the fight.

Replay from Rote Sliepnir, Piloted by Ben Booley

  • Match Two : Losers bracket qualifier.

Clockwork Pineapple(GROON) vs Flatline.
Flatline's second loss here eliminated them from the competition, Groon advances to the semi-finals to face FIGL after getting revenge on their first loss in round one against Flatline.

Flatline. final killboard link here.

  • Match Three : Semi-Final, winner fights Rote Kapelle for the Championship!

Flying Dangerously vs Clockwork Pineapple 
Groon pulls off a solid victory here, knocking FIGL out of the tournament.

FIGL final killboard link here.

  • Match Four : FINAL MATCH

Rote Kapelle vs Clockwork Pineapple

Replay from Rote Sleipnir, piloted by Ben Booley.

Groon overall killboard link here.

Rote Kapelle final killboard link here.

Final standings were:

RK : 4 wins and 0 losses, SRAT Champions

Groon : 3 wins and 2 losses, SRAT Runner-ups

FIGL : 1 win and 2 losses

Flatline : 1 win and 2 losses

Narhwals. : 0 wins and 2 losses

Click here for Ripard's version of the events and commentary identical to what I was going to say in my own wrap-up.

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