Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Epic" event idea by Rixx Javixx

In an attempt to give Rixx a true internet +1 for a great idea, I'm going to crosslink his great "event" idea that he posted over on his (wildly popular) blog, Eveoganda.

To link directly to his idea go here

Basically, an unknown object of alien origin flies through space, transiting past gates, or perhaps cynoing from system to system. Untargettable and hopefully still full of EHP (so smartbombers don't get all smarty-pants on them). ANYWAYS, this ship moves through the eve universe, an enigma, untouchable, and then takes up orbit around the Eve gate. And then what, well he doesn't go into it but something.

For today Rixx I think you've won at Eve.


  1. Awesome, thanks! Just something about this idea keeps sticking with me, the idea of unexplained random things happening around us every once in awhile would certainly go a long way to making New Eden feel even more real. I think.

  2. ANYWAYS lol. Bad grammar is wicked loud.

    Like the idea, though.

    1. Hey, if you're gonna do something wrong, do it loud and proud. Or as my RDC (Drill instructor) used to say, if you are wrong, stay wrong.