Saturday, February 23, 2013

Syndicate CL!

I've seen some chatter about this, but not nearly enough! Even a dev focus blog isn't enough!

Last year a few Syndicate residents took up the challenge of setting up and organizing the "Syndicate Regional Alliance Tournament." A non-CCP sponsored event. This year the same people and some newcomers have taken it to the next level and are launching the first ever Syndicate Competitive League(SCL).

With some Dev support the matches are going to take place on Sisi or Buckingham, the test servers and hopefully also in relatively safe Jove space, outside of the prying forces of regular nullsec. This is pretty critical to any time someone tries to do something like this because the intent to meddle will always be present. With the matches properly isolated ala the AT tourneys it should be good fun, even if it's not on TQ directly.

In any case, the tourney is sponsored by various Eve groups, including notorious establishments like Monocle Madness, Somer Blink, and Eve bet. Monocle madness and Eve bet are both doing per match bets as well as other bets, ie stream going down, etc.

Anyways, back to the SCL, their website is very well put together. It's over here ->

It's setup with information about the teams, the schedule, the rules, and all the other information.

But most importantly, since it starts in just under a half an hour;

Here are the live stream links

Streaming through their website.

On twitch tv.

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