Friday, February 5, 2010

Carriers, the new s***fit target?

Seriously.  There used to be talk about how caps would eventually become the new battleship.  I realize that transition happened a while ago but come on.  It is now filtering down to bad fittings on 1 bil isk+ ships, failure at understanding how fighters and aggression work, and basically not understanding what should be and should not be done with Carriers.

Let me digress a moment and point out that I thought Dreads were going to be the new BS in fights and thus subject to more bad fits, but honestly I am shocked to find it is definitely Carriers!  price point is lower, I should have called that... ANYWAYS

Back to the point,

Just look at these killmails.

As reported by Mail Lite and Spectre:

ummmmm.  Jesus!  Real men hull tank carriers?  At least he had a DCU... and reinforced bulkheads... aww god damn it I can't even keep a straight face looking at this fit.  Total comedy/horrible sadness!  But the saddest thing this is indicative of how things are going for cap fittings, did he just not realize that the medium armor rep or large hull rep might be better served with SOMETHING ELSE?

Four slots (3 low and 1 mid) wasted that could have gone towards something, I dunno, useful, like stabilizing his cap for perma running or closer to perma running his shield booster?

Five if you include the drone tracking link!  Six if you include the drone nav computer.  So all told 3 lows and 3 mids... wasted?  BAH.  Even his rigs!  CCC anyone, I guess the semi-conductor works ok?  but the shield extender rigs???

Nice kill TGA and Jerks!  Rid the cluster of another shoddy fit!

How about this one, from the RK forums...  For those of you who have access... (not sure about the public status of the post but here is the kill...  IT Carrier loss

Core probe launcher?  Felt he needed to do a plex in a carrier?  In the middle of taking over what is left of Goonie space?  Wow, even a IT pilot.  Proving no-one is immune to stupid.  Let's add to this equation, the carrier was soloed by a Pilgrim!  Mainly because he was logged off with aggression!

Pro-tip, the two others on the mail came much later.

Let that be a lesson, auto-aggressing fighters OFF!  No logoffski with aggression.  OR with fighters deployed!


Is it that money in eve is so easy to get that Carriers are now throw-away items?  (yes) Or at the very least so easy to get that poor(meaning awful terribad) pilots don't have a hard time getting into them/fitting them horribly/having no idea what the hell they are supposed to be doing? (apparently) Maybe that is overly pessimistic, but DAMN!

I propose a new mandate.  If you are fitting your carriers like the first fit, just contract them to me,  that is Logan Fyreite in game, or Rote Kapelle, or Jerks, TGA, someone else, ANYONE really.  Just not you.  You have failed the required intelligence test to fly one.  If you are using a carrier to scanprobe, sell it, buy a cov ops, and send the diff in isk price to me!

::muttering to myself:: Hull rep and medium armor rep omni tracking link... at least he had a cap shield booster. ::louder:: At lest he had a capital shield booster...

End rant


  1. This has been the case since carriers were released. Nothing new.

    Especially since cap mods require additional skills beyond that a normal battleship would require.

  2. Too many people (once upon a time, myself included) look at a new ship and think 'cool, I can train for that ship' and don't realize what they need to train to actually USE the ship for anything other than flying through space.

    I blame the schools.... <.< .... >.> .... Yeah.