Friday, February 19, 2010

No third chance given

I'll say it has been a while since I have flown in Provi space (meaning provi 0.0 as well as surrounding lowsec).  I had honestly forgotten the attitude of pilots around here.  NRDS isn't something making these people better, smarter or better equipped, it is just fertile hunting grounds for every pirate to visit and get good, funny kills!

Seemingly oblivious to the fighting going on some 2-4 jumps away, life in the lowsec close by goes on like nothing is happening.  Local teems with neutrals, noobs, and war targets moving through space trying to get their easy money.

While flying close to our current Vacation hotspot, I noticed a Rupture on scan; the pilot, a fellow Sebiestor, was apparently ratting.  I drove through the belts, just a step behind him, even seeing him briefly on my overview before he piled into the next system.  I stayed behind a little, then followed him through, finding him on my scanner once again was easy, seeing as how he was back to ratting!  Had he not noticed my Vagabond on scanner, or on the overview?

It is not as if I have a positive sec status or anything, nor a overly negative one.  No attention was paid however, even when I failed to capture him twice more, the next system closer, however, I was getting closer each time.

Finally I came out of warp, sitting roughly 30 km from the rupture and a small group of NPC's.  Engines straining, my vaga pulled down the range and up the speed, locking into a 15km orbit, my warp disruptor preventing a quick exit by the rupture pilot.

Feeling a touch of pity in my belly, I launched a conversation, to give him just one chance.  My conversation request was denied...  Alright, maybe two chances, speaking in local convinced him, this conversation he took.  Immediately he asked if I was going to kill him.  I delivered my words, that his crew and him could fly out safely as long as they promised to not return to this space.  Warning him that CVA was not a friend to any Minmatar, regardless of birth, or station.  However my brother did not seem to care or listen.

Silence awaited my request that he leave, his group of 425mm autocannon shells suddenly scraping into my shields, HAM's falling short.  His speed jumped up as he tried to burn into range.  My instincts took hold, MWD slamming my ship forward, letting me pull range, my 220mm autocannon answering in thundering volleys of Barrage, stripping him of his shields, armor and hull, at least as fast as one can when facing a 1600mm rrt plated cruiser!

His actions left me confused.  On one hand at least he did not lie to me, say he was going to depart and then stay anyways, forcing me to hunt him down and kill him.  On the other, it was not as if I had ransomed him either, or at least for isk on hand, but he was willing to sacrifice his crew and compatriots on the off chance he could close with me and destroy my vagabond before I could kill him.  His kill mail showed his lack of rounds or equipment suited to fighting my speedy ship.  His pod left the scene, conversationally overjoyed to make it out, as if I had taken the time to lock his pod.

I wish I could say the pilot in question had learnt his lesson and moved on, but the following hour I found him in system again, docked this time, but NPC wrecks showing his lack of understanding of the situation of the area.

Indeed, no third chance will be given.

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