Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 posts, 30 years old, on the 30th!

Why yes I do turn 30 today, thanks for remembering!

I will report back with any sweet loot I get from the faction spawn that is turning 30!

My wife didn't buy the bit that it was the 30th in GMT at 5pm Pacific to get access to my loots early... at least I tried!

I will even include pictures if I get anything sweet.  So far over the weekend I got a RC indoor helochopter!  I'm using it to terrorize my wife and dogs.  Other than that, I am going to turn into a regular Roc Wieler, since I got a 12 session personal trainer setup from my parents to help get my fat ass back down to shape, well a shape other than a circle!  That started yesterday, so other than typing I am pretty much useless!

More loot as it arrives!

Wifey got me something she said I would never have!  A second monitor!

So a little late the the meme party here's my setup!  Pretty light sexy LED monitor ftw


  1. Evidently you got a bag of exclamation points, too ;) :p

  2. Ha! I didn't even notice! This might call for some gimp pictures at work. All in all someone has to be enhused about my birthday. Might as well be me!

  3. Happy birthday mate. Welcome to the good years of life (Turned 36 back in feb).

    Watch out for Ninja looters around the brithday cake.

    As for shape. Well lets just say when I was 26 I was 180 and could box 10 rounds vs a kempo blackbelt. At 36 I am 230 and can box 10 rounds vs the PS3. Good luck with the work out schedule. I started boxing training again with the new year (first time in 10 years)and have shaved 10 pounds off my ass thus far.