Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tyrannis; the undocumented changes

As with all patches some things just fail to come up in the patch notes.

My biggest concern is the rather large nerf to Nanite Repair Paste;

In that it now takes significantly more paste to repair overheated module damage on the fly.  For a comparison I repaired a single Large shield extender t2 from 64% damage to 0% and it took 74 units of paste to complete the operation.  Pre-patch the same fix would have cost me roughly 30 units of paste.  That's more than double the paste, meaning everyone will have to carry more paste and fixing modules in space will take longer as the paste will take longer to apply.

This does two things...  a. It eats up space in your cargo hold, making it sometimes more difficult to fit useful things like ammo or cap charges.  and b.  it increases the isk sunk into buying the paste in the first place.  This would make PI more profitable in the long run as more and more ships will use and have repair paste destroyed when they are, increasing the demand for the product.

---In more breaking news the nanite repair paste looks like it could possibly be a bug and NOT a new feature.  Petitions are in so we will see what comes of it all.

---Nanite repair paste seems to function normally again, I tested it on a few modules and did not need to use near the amount usually required.

The second concern I have is with the "widescreen" option under graphics.  I did not check this last night as I setup my G15 keyboard, but on the latest SISI install the option to use the "widescreen" letterboxing was removed from the escape menu, graphic tab options list.  Hey CCP I was using that!  Thank you Anon for showing me my folly!  looks like it was covered in the patch notes.  Seems typical though, we get new camera drones and they are less capable than the old ones ;)

I will post more undocumented changes as they arrive on my doorstep so to speak.  In the meantime, if you see any changes in game not mentioned here or the patch notes, drop a comment to let me know!


Overview text alignments are now right-align, which means you can no longer squeeze them down to minimum size for maximum real estate efficiency, as you lose the unit off the right if you try to crunch it down to remove the indentation on the left.

You can no longer assign fighters to someone off-grid or someone who is cloaked.  whether or not you can assign fighters to someone on-grid and let them take them with them is unknown to me at this time.

Contributed by Bacch

Also warp scrambled ships can no longer trade out at a Orca.  Not sure if this was intended!


  1. The widescreen removal is documented in patch notes.

    "The widescreen option under Display & Graphics in the ESC window has been permanently removed. This change is necessary to fix several issues with the new cameras."

    I am currently on a mission to find a single player who uses this feature in an effective way. Are you that person? :-)

  2. HA! well strike that one from the list then!

    I'm not sure I use it in an "Effective" manner, but I do use it. Mainly because I like the look of the wide screen bars for some crazy reason! Other than that it has never served any functional reason for being other than marginally reducing lag in bigger fights since there is less on my screen to render. I will strikeout the change from my list, Nanite repair paste looks to be a bug though as CCP stated they didn't do anything to change it, so take that FWIW.