Friday, February 11, 2011

New system on the market

Nice System in Syndicate looking for new occupants, inviting scenery, Intaki stations, plenty of room.

Friendly neighbors including convenient lowsec, routing to Stacmon.  Solitude, Cloud Ring and Outer ring just a few jumps away.

Private dead end ratting systems adjoining, but the premier attraction is the overly friendly occupants of the surrounding area, sure to welcome you with a bang.  They will provide both prime feasting opportunities and hard and fast schooling.

Previous tenants clean, though foul-mouthed.  Through scrubbing and cleaning included free with purchase.  New carpeting and Drakes throughout the system.

The grass really is greener here, move now to see how beautiful springtime in Syndicate really is.

Vacancy open for a limited time only, act now!  No price too low, no applications rejected.

Apply at any of the friendly real estate agents located, for your convenience, at all TXW-EL stations.

A deal like this can't last long, ACT NOW!

Option to buy at the end of the rental term.

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  1. I don't know what it means, but next time we're in-game at the same time convo me.