Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome behind the Mask LURCH!

Recently Rote Kapelle has been happy to accept LUCRH into the fold.  Made official by this kill,

Not only has this expanded RK's membership by 20-30 members, but, to my surprise, also added several bloggers to the Rote fold. So welcome LUCRH.

Courtesy of Rixx Javix
Leading his corp is of course Rixx Javix of EVEOGANDA Fame

The bloggers under the LUCRH banner

Jushin Dragon's Flyin On The Edge

Tai one on's creatively named Tai one on

With one or two more likely to join soon.

Other RK Bloggers

Paritybit's EVE's parity bit

Misan's Serious Thukking Business

Usagi Tuskino's Chaotic Dreams

Dwindlehop's Uninvited But Not Unloved (Hissy fit averted!)

Turning into a respectable stable of bloggers, now to get some of them posting more often.... WHAT?!  I can dream!


  1. Great to be a part of the RK team! Although this is funny, Angor pointed out to me the other day that he and I had actually been accepted into Stim about a year or so ago - not sure why we went another way at the time (I don't remember), but I'm sorta glad things worked out the way they did anyway. Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

    Either way Lucifer's Hammer is ready to keel!

  2. Btw, it's LUCRH not LURCH (like the Addam's Family Butler!)

  3. Thanks for the welcome and hoping to quickly make an positive impact. While bringing an informative point of view via the blog.

  4. hahaha, wow, I mis-spelt that quite a few times in that post, thanks Rixx, I'll update it.

    Jushin - been reading your blog for quite some time, didn't know you had joined up with LUCRH until Rixx brought it up!


    I demand to be included on the list of RK blogger or I WILL HAVE A HISSY FIT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  6. ACK! Sorry for the oversight Mr. Dwindle, sir, you have been added!