Tuesday, November 8, 2011

107 posts, 107 mil sp

No, really, I planned this.

Okay maybe not.

So I am up to 107 mil sp with Logan, and have done pretty much everything I want to skill-wise with Logan, sub-cap. I would like suggestions with what to do next. Look at my skill sheet (now closed).

No I will not be training towards flying a Orca/Exhumer/freighter/supercap, but other possibilites include getting my electronics skills to 5, ie all the assorted ewar skills to 5 so I can be maxed out for TD's, damps, ECM, and TP. Other possibilities include Marauder 5, Command Ship 5, and all the assorted carrier and dread skills?

What do you guys think I should do next? I've gotten a lot of "shield comps to IV" so that is likely already on the list.

I will leave my sheet open to the public for a week or so and then lock it back down once I have chosen my path. One remap is available so I can always get out of the good ole leadership doing charisma set of attributes!

Here is my current skill breakdown for those who are interested.


  1. Polish ewar, rigging skills. Train for probing. Train ship skills to 5 as you think you'll fly them. Once done, start a new alt on same account so you're not throwing away 30mil per podding for dicking around nullsec in a cruiser/frigate.

  2. Can already probe, as well as I want to at least, rigging skills are solid, though I need to get ewar rigging skills up to 4ish, I have every subcap nonBOBS ship skill to 5 minus marauders and CS and I am going to train CSV because of ~pro leadership skills.

    Last part, I've got a alt for the cruiser/frigate fun already :)

    Just a super sekret alt ;)

  3. @ probing: all fives makes a HUGE difference.
    @ rigging: I see a few there that mean you can't fit T2 rigs.

    Yeah, Sard's about to the point where I'm going to stop training him and fly a noob alt.

  4. Good point about the probing skills but I am just not sure if I want to spend the time to get them up to 5 :)

    Yes, I will be adding the rigging skills to my sheet.