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ATX - Alliance (re)introductions

In an effort to alliviate some of the "Who the hell are THOSE guys?" That always seems to hit me early on in the Alliance scheduling phase, I have sent out a pretty basic set of questions to those Alliances I didn't know much about, or assumed that others would not know much about. This is a rather long post since I got a surprising amount of non-troll level responses. Thank you to everyone who was involved, even the trolls.

In order of valid responses:

Periheion Alliance

where do you live?
what does your alliance primarily do?
As taken from:
"Periheion Alliance are a mercenary group currently operating in Pure Blind."

primary motivation for Joining ATX?
More anomaly running in Jove space as per the description of:

As per our flagship name for the last two and current alliance tournaments: "Death to AAA!!!" (Make sure you have the right number of exclamation marks).

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.

Suddenly Spaceships.

where do you live?

what does your alliance primarily do?
Small gang pvp, 5 to 15 man, we also do black ops drops hence the alliance name.

primary motivation for Joining ATX?
Have been in past 8 tournaments do them every year


Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.
Raiden. Mildly Intoxicated.

Heretic Nation

Where do you live? 
We live in Heimatar space, our home system is Amamake, and our home station is the second planet station expert distribution center.

What does your alliance primarily do?
We are an alliance that prides in the fact that we continually evolve. We still hold onto our core beliefs that eve online is a game that allows people from all around the world to shed pixel spaceship blood, create friends, and enemies. Currently we are a small alliance, and we form our tactics around that fact, basing a lot of our defenses around speed and stealth. We also, when no one is around to fight in glorious battul, we camp gates with orcas.

Primary motivation for Joining ATX?
We have been part of the alliance tournament in many forms, before Heretic nation, BANE alliance, and now Heretic Nation (reformed). We like to prove that low security dwellers are powerful, even if we don’t have the financial backing or a huge pile of pilots to sift through. Our brotherhood sees us through.

Battle cry?
♥_.░░░░ ♥.__.░░░░░♥

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.


The Kadeshi

Kadeshi lives in the south "feythabolis area".
We are a pvp alliance who like quality over quantity and enjoy killing shit. Our main way of combat is small gang warfare like roams etc, but we also like bigger conflicts, coalition wars, fleetfights etc, which we usually get involved in.
Basicly we like to kill and burn stuff :)

Our Alliance is a mix of nationalities, uk, german, dutch, us, and a big portion of gay swedish people.

Motivation for the tourny is being an "underdog alliance" that the bigger and more well known teams underestimates.

Battlecry: KLADDKAKA (and we have a tendencie to post nasty links in local).

We are hoping on getting to fight really wellknown and skilled teams.
We are lovers not haters

Pure Madness.

where do you live?
We're currently living in the northernmost part of Syndicate.

what does your alliance primarily do?
We're a PvP-Alliance

primary motivation for joining ATX?
some members have already been in helping/training squads for former alliances, but most of us never took part in an actual match, so we decided to try to get a place in this years tournament and luckily managed to get a slot.


Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.
STUGH, 'cause we're in the same region, but different timezones and rarely get a fight + they're AT regulars

Lone Star Partners

where do you live?
A wormhole

what does your alliance primarily do?

primary motivation for Joining ATX?
why not

We dare to give you the rasberry

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.

Team Liquid

Its so nice that someone is taking an interest in us. We currently live in lonetrek, which is close to pure blind. We used to live in Oddeluf, but another pirate corp, Gunpoint Diplomacy and their allies in ANZAC ACADEMY and Delait forced us out. Lonetrek is a great place, with lots of missioners to gank, and the best pvpers in the game that camp the gate in Aunenen (the corp is Tundragon). We mostly try to camp the lowsec entry to pure blind, and gank people doing missions and exploration sites. We joined ATX because we were kicked from Fatal Ascension, and want to prove to Zagdul that we have what it takes to succeed in null sec pvp.

Our battlecry would probably be "UNDOCK EVERYTHING." We are hoping to go up against some of the enemies we made while in FA, like the elite GET OFF MY LAWN alliance. We are working very closely with our good friends in Mordus Angels. They arent in the tournament, but they are really good, and Gen Eve has been a great help in theorycrafting fits for us, and Undertovv has been amazing in teaching us good tactics to use. 

Fluffeh Bunneh Murder Squad

where do you live?
- in rl, we live in northern new jersey; in eve, we live in jita
what does your alliance primarily do?
- we are veldspar miners
primary motivation for Joining ATX?
- we lost a bet and it was either ATX or run around the Paramis Mall in pink lingerie singing We Represent the Lolipop League
- Chribba is the Messiah!!!
Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.
- Honestly, all we can fly is hulks, so we're just looking for some veldspar 'roids

Black Legion.

We currently live in Venal and mostly roam sov space with Muninns and occassionally crash fights, etc. The main reason we're in this tournament is we did pretty well last year and managed to not embarass ourselves so why not be in the tournament? We don't really have any team in specific we're looking out for.

Elysian Empire

Where do you live?
We live in depths of WH space.

What does your alliance primarily do?
Everything that wormholes offer and of course, blowing stuff up.

Primary motivation for Joining ATX?
To have fun testing our mettle against the best EVE has to offer, and watching them explode.

For the Empire!

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.
It's always fun to come up against fellow wormhole alliances.

Kill it with Fire

What does your alliance primarily do?
Dedicated wspace alliance. We have a strong PvP focus but undertake all aspects of wormhole living.

Primary motivation for Joining ATX?
A chance to fight a bunch of top pvp alliances that we don't often get to come across.  We've wanted to enter the last couple of years but this is the first time we've really been in the right position to do so.

I'm a Lead Farmer Mother Fu....!

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.
Allies = SSC
People most want to beat = SSC (In this case the SSC is the Sleeper Social club)

Choke Point

Choke Point is a small gang pvp alliance basing out of Eurgrana but operating primarily in 0.0. We do not do sov, structure grinding, blobs etc. We just log in and pvp, either solo or as a small gang. Choke Point consists of two corps who function as one on a day to day basis;

Paradox Collective is a small gang pvp corp who did comprise the majority of Black Legion’s EU timezone until they broke away a couple of years ago. They boast a number of FCs from the likes of Black Legion, BoB and the NC.

Disconnected were formed by the directors of a former NC corp (Red Horizon Inc). When the NC fell they placed the corp into Cascade Imminent then having secured it’s future, handed over to the next generation and embarked on the challenge of creating a new and very different corp. This was made possible by the support of Paradox who initially helped us get established as their guests. Once DISCN had matured the two corps formed an alliance.

Choke Point now spends it’s time terrorising the south-west corner of Geminate whilst looking for good small gang fights. The alliance is not elitist in it’s recruitment but rather looks for sound people who have potential. All we ask is that people are willing to learn, show improvement during their time with us, and fit into the community. This philosophy has allowed us to build a small but high quality pvp alliance, where everyone knows their role and the pilots they are flying with. As such we rarely lose against even numbers and regularly dominate gangs several times our size.

Although some of our pilots have competed previously this will be Choke’s first year in the tournament.

Bruderschaft der Pilger

Die Bruderschaft der Pilger (the Brotherhood of Pilgrims)is an Austrian/German Alliance of several wormhole corps. The plan to send a team to the Alliance Tournament came from Sirius Fleet, an independent corporation. Sirius Fleet is a more nullsec-oriented corporation currently based in Curse.Sirius Fleet joined the Brotherhood for AT X and now we are preparing for our first matches.

Percussive Pizza Time Diplomacy

where do you live?

We live in Black Rise. It's lowsec - militia battlespace for the most part.

what does your alliance primarily do?

Extortion, assault, trolling in intel channels, mercenary contracts, local smacktalk, and occasionally putting our serious pants on and hunting down enemy militia pilots. We really aren't a proper alliance - Percussive Pizza Time Diplomacy consists of only one corp of roughly 40 pilots. We are a tight-knit corp with a great culture and a strong sense of camaraderie. We don't scream at each other, we rarely make rules, and we never dictate anyones style of gameplay. SLAPD is a casual corp with a hardcore presence, highlighted by distasteful humor and great pilots. I believe that we are the only faction warfare alliance competing this year.

primary motivation for Joining ATX?

It's Pizza Time.


See above.

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.

As I said before, we are a small lowsec corp going up against some very large, established competitors. We don't come into contact with most of these alliances on TQ all that often. We're going to fight hard and see how far up the ladder we can climb. In the short-term, SLAPD is definitely looking forward to fighting Rote Kapelle during week one. (We are looking forward to fighting you as well.)

Wormhole Holders

where do you live?
Mostly in W-space, but sometimes we go out into known space (low- and nullsecs) for PvP.
This is not like organized events but just small camps and roamings or participation in events of our allies

what does your alliance primarily do?

Our goal is to unite corps which have bases in W-space and to form a powerful united fleet of PVP-skilled pilots from all our corps. We always look for a new ways to improve our skills and combat experience.

primary motivation for Joining ATX?
It`s important for us to participate. Will be interesting to meet strong rivals within the official competition. Such things unite people. Also it`s a good place to tell pthers about us, make ourselves a name.


Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.

It doesn't matter who will be our enemy - I think we'll have great fun anyway

Sleeper Social Club

1. SSC has strong North American and European membership.

2. Our Alliance is an interesting combination. The first main corporation is Future Corps, of which I am the founder, who live and play in w-space. The other main corporation is The Corporation of Noble Sentiments, which is a very PVP focused corp living whever there's good pew to be had. We join up when there's fun to be had that's bigger than just one of us.

3. ---


5. It would be interesting to go against someone like Space Police since a lot of our members are Eve Uni graduates that fought against them a lot in the past. Any of the other w-space alliances would also make for a bit of deja vu. We'd have to fight with extra love against Kill it with Fire, as they're some of our best bros ever since our directors got drunk with them at fanfest.

The Gorgon Empire

where do you live?

We live in Curse, its 0.0 NPC region.

what does your alliance primarily do?

We do PVP :-) Roamings, etc.

primary motivation for Joining ATX?

It will be nice trial for our pvp abilities and it should be very interesting to confront tricky setups of another teams.

Shadow Cartel

Where do you live?
We live predominantly in and – Gallente lowsec in between the main two militia areas. But we roam far and wide.

What does your alliance primarily do?
We are predominantly a roaming lowsec pvp alliance. We don’t really gatecamp but we like to take organised gangs out to lowsec (and a bit of null) and fight militia or anyone else who’s about. We don’t officially identify as pirates as we would only ransom pods as we prefer ship killmails to ransoming ships – however call us that if you want.
We have been known to drop a few caps (Here Here) and kill a few shinies (Here) occasionally, but generally we try to find fun, outnumbered fights. – Not that we won’t gank you if you jump into us solo though! The alliance is based around gang pvp but we have a number of good soloers, as well as far too many bloggers and video makers that insist on putting my voice on youtube.

Primary Motivation for joining atx?
Alot of us have always enjoyed watching it and we fancied having a go this year- we have very low expectations but if we can get out of the 6man stage that would be great. We will try to bring some unorthodox setups as we tend to try to do generally so that as a minimum our lossmails will be entertaining to the masses.

“Don’t listen to itsme”

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX
There’s no one we especially like or dislike – obviously we hope to win but we’re more in it for the taking part although obviously we would like to take part for as long as possible! There aren’t a lot of lowsec groups so we’ll be supporting our fellow lowsec denizens in team liquid and heretic nation.

Gypsy Band

Y-DW5K, Rapture, Curse.

Nullsec roamings, bombing runs and generally annoying and griefing huge claim alliances (RED, etc.)
We have placed an application for previous tournament (AT IX), but have not participated because we lost the lottery.
Battlecry? Ay-na-ne, or Ай-на-нэ.
We are looking forward to meet in combat all people we've met in space before - ROL, AAA, PL, whoever we fought against or with. Though some of the participants are promising to be a real challenge, like Darkside or HUN Reloaded.

Rote Kapelle

* Where do you live?

Rote Kapelle has operated out of Syndicate since 2009, with periodic breaks plundering whatever regions seem fat with ships in space. We believe strongly that for pilots who want to test themselves. We feel the place for that in the EVE cluster is Syndicate.  Everyone who isn't here is just coasting.

* What does your alliance primarily do?

Our goal is to fundamentally remove you from your ship, and your corpse, take your things, and play dolly with your corpse.  This is for all values of 'you'.

* Primary motivation for joining ATX?

The AT is where the best pilots go, to see who the best pilots are. The question isn't WHY we would go to the AT, but why others don't.

Allies/Enemies/people you hope to fight, and beat in ATX.

Rote doesn't really operate with Allies, with perhaps one exception who won't be in the AT.  We are very keen at testing ourselves against the best, and the best know who they are;  You can look to the finalists from previous tournaments to see our competition.  They are very good, which is why they are worth shooting for.


Well I guess 20 responses isn't too shabby.

Up next : review of Minmatar rush setups, Further Alliance intro responses, Predictions for week 1, and another introduction post if I get more responses.

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