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ATX - A look back at past Fleet comps

First lets start off with an embarrasing recap of a fight from AT8. Rote vs GENOS in the round of 16. aka the first sighting of the : GENOS Cycle damp fleet. :Queue dastardly music:

First sighting - Here

Fit secured an Eventual AT8 2nd place.

Fleet composition

3 Myrmidon, 3 Rook, 1 Oneiros, 2 taranis, 1 Ishkur. 100 points.

Initial evaluation

(pre fight, so no idea what modules were fit.)

1. Field control - Two fast inties and the ishkur (best AF), Myrms can be fairly mobile, Rooks with light buffer and MWD are mobile. No assets to control range outside of tackle of inties and Ishkur, both armor tankers, but still kill-able.
Score : 6 of 10

2. EWAR - Myrms have a host of mid slots, as well as the obvious rooks having ECM, likely tackle for the mids of the inties and AF. Possibly TD's and or sensor damps to supplement the ECM, I guessed a high likely hood of damps over TD's to be used in synergy with the ECM to provide cycle jamming.
Score : 7 to 9 of 10

3. EWAR resistance - Myrms have a good base sensor strength, but once again also have the mids and lows to fit ECCM. Myrms are also usually up close and personal fit, so damps will be of limited use vs them. Inties and AF provide tackle, no real way to do that and be resistant to EWAR of any kind, short of getting under it and maintaining lock. Rooks are resistant to damps with a near 200km lock range (base at that time), had a plethora of mids for ECCM if so desired, usually an offensive EWAR platform though, so not likely ECCM fit.
Score : 5 to 6 of 10

4. Number of ships/EHP - Fielding 10 ships, is a good start, but not the only factor. This fit also fields some ships that can have good, but not surprising EHP, and then a fair number of ships with low EHP. I judge this really in two parts. Score : 5 of 5 for number of ships, 3 of 5 for total EHP. 
Total Score : 8 of 10.

5. Field of fire - Missiles from the Rooks could hit pretty much anywhere, but the maximum damage had to come from the Myrms and associated support. To be honest there is not much damage on the field, and that damage is limited to drones (with travel time) and missiles with the same.
Score : 5 of 10

6. Fleet continuity - The mix of the midslots of the Myrms, plus the jamming power of the Rooks is a good match of EWAR, something this setup focuses on very heavily. Further backed by the damage of the Taranis and Ishkur, and a armor logi with yet more midslots, but this is still a simple concept. The Rook's Jam targets, followed by the Myrms and whatever Ewar and DPS they hold to bring the targets down one at a time. Overall this fleet comp looks solid.
Score : 7 of 10

7. Overall - An impressive first look, even without firing a shot. The level of pilot skill can only add to this setup. Coordination of Jams and other EWAR will take this setup from a simply "good" setup to a "great" setup, and GENOS certainly has the pilots to make the most of this setup.
Score : 7 of 10

Post fight Scores

1. Field Control - Mobility played a role in all of the fights against this setup, from our to the Finals. The mobility displayed by the inties was good, but as predicted they were still killable, however, the Ishkur proved to be a tough nut to crack. Also a swarm of warriors trailed their frigates, and in turn the tackle and other light ships of opposing setups were swarmed under in just a few seconds. 
Score : 7 of 10

2. EWAR - It turns out the Myrms were damp fit and swapped between range and lock time damps doing a very good job of cycle jamming once their jammer support landed jams. For instance I was damped down to 15km and it took me approx 30 seconds to lock one of the Myrms, giving their Rooks more than ample time to keep me locked down. 
Score : 9 of 10

3. EWAR resistance - Didn't seem like there was any sensor boosters or ECCM running on the Myrms, and for sure the Rooks were not running any ECCM. The lower score here is the true one, but then you don't need EWAR resistance if you aren't taking much ewar. 
Score : 5 of 10

4. Number of Ships/EHP - Right on the money pre-fight with this one, then again it is tough not to be. The Taranis' folded but not before they removed their primary targets in most cases. 10 ships to split up enemy EWAR, and masses and masses of drones helped neutralize EWAR to the point of ineffectiveness. 
Score : 8 of 10

5. Field of Fire - Fairly accurate here too, the Myrms had to close range, as did their drones, however they did employ one "trick" of good piloting. That was assigning their Warriors to their fast movers, and using them as a swarm, eliminating other light tackle at range, and quickly. 
Score : 6 of 10

6. Fleet Continuity - Rooks worked great with the Myrms, and the Logi was easily able to keep up all the ships under the reduced DPS thanks to all the EWAR. When it was working, it worked well. 
Score : 8 of 10

7. Overall - Even more impressive in practice than the first look would suggest. Player skill played a large part in this setup to move it from a simply good to great.
Score : 9 of 10

Final fight of this setup, here.

Reasons for retirement : The PL based "minmatar rush" setup threw the beat down easily on this ECM heavy, range control setup. ECCM from the minmatar rush and high DPS removed Myrms from the field, making the use of damps ineffective at such close range, and one locked the Sleipnir based setups had no problem forcing the Myrms down, all the while tanking the incoming damage from the explosive based drones fielded against the shield based setup. It was a six minute drubbing of rock meeting scissors.

Next up : 'Minmatar Rush', ATX Week one Schedule released, Classic 'Bomber' setups, Alliance informational posts.

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