Thursday, November 29, 2012

BB#41 - "Yesterday"

Blog Banter 41: Director's Cut
The universe of EVE is not without its drama and epic stories, both in and out of game. Imagine a publisher, movie studio or television network asked you to prepare a pitch for a new brand of EVE-flavoured entertainment. This could be your big break, what would be your synopsis to deliver New Eden to a wider audience?

My campaign would be two fold, first I would lead into a movie with a tri-weekly published webcomic. The webcomic would focus around the antics of a single main protagonist and their life in Eve. The protagonist would be female and modeled after the same actress who would later play in the movie.

It would cover in more specific terms the life of a up and coming capsuleer. Capsuleer training would be for once covered in more detail, the first death of jumping into a clone, becoming a freelance capsuleer and the dangerous, steep path that leads towards becoming a mercenary capsuleer for hire.

Movie Synopsis

Hook : Half a Gallente mining station hangs in view, obviously looking out a window of the staion, the camera pans back, revealing the bald head of (Patrick Stewart), hands behind his back, dressed in a power suit, standing in front of a glass desk. The camera continues to pull back, a wet cough  echoing in the room from a half seen bleeding woman. The back of her mow-hawked head just barely comes on screen, light glinting off silver implants up her spine and blood leaking from the side of her red lips. A thug's fist comes from the opposite side, twisting the head of the capsuleer with the force of the punch.

Patrick S. : (looking at, speaking to the window, Traffic is flowing in and out of the mining station, with a Megathron and Obelisk prominently moving free of the station.) "It's a shame you don't have what we want. You let us all down girl. In the long term of things I suppose this won't even matter... I suppose I will have to teach proper manners to your clone."

The camera pans out as the thug levels an impressive gun at the temple of the bloodied woman. the gun takes up more and more of the screen, and then the camera pans down, leaving just her hand in view, struggling against the tape holding her to the chair... CRACK, fade to black.

Synopsis : Capsuleers are a breed apart from humanity, raised to godhood, and some beyond godhood. Put in command of ships capable of killing, saving, or harvesting. It is with them that the future lies, but the ties of old society aren't so easily cut. In the darkness of space there is always room for a little more greed.

This story is about a capsuleer, proud, and brave, but dead in more ways and times than she can remember. After the hook she awakens, coughing, choking, the camera behind her eyes as she reaches up to be released, the same hand that just died on that chair pushing against the glass. The med techs open her bay, causing her to, ungracefully, spill out on the floor, coughing, reborn.

She asks the techs how old her memories are, she is missing 24 hours. The last 24 hours. She backtracks her steps, finding the remnants of a job, and a betrayal a bare 24 hours cold.

She makes her way to her capsuleer quarters, once there she is attacked by Sansha drones and Assasins.  A short but brutal fight breaks out in her small quarters, she makes her escape by diving into her pod and undocking in the first ship she could find, a Talos class Battlecruiser. From there she is alternatively pursued and assisted by friends and enemies while she discovers her last 24 hours.

The mission that caused her death was given to her by her  benefactor turned sponsor, turned arch-nemesis. She was sent to recover a data disk deep in nullsec, a mission she had failed at, but worse, had been captured and discovered.

The assassins that had been dogging her the duration of the movie were both from the Sasha, the true owners of the disk as well as her former friend and benefactor. In her flight she discovers the data on the disk is worth a fortune, and rests not with her enemies but with an ex-lover, a pirate.

Wagering it all, she attempts to persuade the lover to part his way with the disk, promising him a cut. Disk in hand she finds herself in posession of information that could forever change the cluster...  Information about generating stable, cheap, directional wormholes large enough to pass any traffic. Stolen Sansha technology.

The movie ends in a cliff hangar, and rightly so, as if Eve could be shown in a single movie.


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