Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Eden Open team names to Actual backers breakdown


8 CAS - Friendly Syndicate small gang pvpers
Captain: Nopolar

Africa's Finest - Verge of Collapse, ATX winners!
Captain: Rengas

Asine Hitama's Team - G0dfathers team
Captain: Vlada Silni

Baaaramu - RAZOR Alliance
Captain: Qicia

Blue Ballers - Knights of Tomorrow Alliance, never heard of them before.
Captain: Ivan Jakanov

DeepWater - Black Sharks Division, according to the Captains history, no other team information.

EFS - Wormhole Holders
Captain: Ivanrus

Expendables - Hydra Reloaded
Captain: HaartSp

Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters - Suddenly spaceships team.
Captain: Seldarine

Guiding Hand Social Club - A self explanitory team name!
Captain: Tyrrax Thorrk

ISN - Incursion Shiny Network - Highsec incursion fleet
Captain: Bozl1n

Last Huzzah - Huzzah
Captain: Sashenka

Much Crying Old Experts - FailHeap Challenge US team, has a variety of members including some Rote!
Captain: Tyrus Tenebros

My Little Nulli - Nulli Secunda Alliance team
Captain: Cas mania

Oxygen Isonopes - Goonswarm
Captain: Warr Akini

Perihelion Beryllium Duralumin - Perihelion alliance team.
Captain: IceGuerilla

Raiden. 58th Squadron - Raiden obviously
Captain: Hey You

RONIN and pixies - RONIN team
Captain: Dwimm

Something Else - TEST Alliance
Captain: SpeedY G0nZaleZ

Team Ineluctable. - Inelectable alliance
Captain: AndreWanJinn

Tengu Terror - The Unthinkables alliance
Captain: StarCrash

The Exiled Gaming - The Exiled Gaming Alliance
Captain: Imbor

The Gentlemen Renegades - No info at all.

the HUNS - Hun reloaded
Captain: Justice forHungary

Tinkerhell and Alts - Tinkerhell is the team CO, Nocturnal Romance sponsored team.
Captain: TinkerHell

Why Dash - PL team
Captain:Elise Randolph

XXXMity aka XXXMity Shadow of Ram Legion DOT Reloaded Hattree.XXXWorstOffenders - Team Liquid/Tuskers team.
Captain: KwarK uK

Day One matches

Raiden. 58th Squadron v Last Huzzah

Why Dash vs RONIN and pixies

Expendables vs the HUNS

Tinkerhell and Alts vs Tengu Terror

Oxygen Isonopes vs Africa's Finest

Something Else vs The Exiled Gaming

Perihelion Beryllium Duralumin vs Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters

ISN - Incursion Shiny Network vs Baaaramu

Asine Hitama's Team vs EFS

Much Crying Old Experts vs DeepWater

Blue Ballers vs The Gentlemen Renegades - a literal battle of two unknowns, I can't predict shit like this so I will SWAG it.

Betting Sites

As always Monocle Madness is getting in on the action, setting up the usual betting pools over here with their newly improved site! They handled over 400b isk in the last AT. Or join their in game chat channel, "Monocle Madness" to get in on the shit-talking.

Or follow them on Twitter for up to the minute match info -

And of course here is the link to the Site where you can go get more information, the live stream and all the good stuff! HERE

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