Sunday, June 6, 2010

AT8 Day 1, facerape is back

AT8 exploded back onto the scene and eve-tv yesterday.  The feed was reportedly up to 20gb/s, and the matches flowed (for the most part) smoothly from the get go.  I predicted a while back who I thought would win, and ended up batting a solid .500 on my predictions!  Hopefully I can turn it around today!

So to hit up some lowlights, I thought a few of my predictions were soured by poor FCing or just tough matchups.  The Noir fight was one of them where it seemed like they should have changed targets off the bait Basilisk once they realized what was going on, but it's a tough call there.  I would have changed targets early on.

With Mach prices already on the rise thanks to tourney, they have spiked thanks to the Red Overlord fight, who fielded an impressive team including 3 Mach's that absolutely dominated their match!

In LOLZ news, Hydra destroys all but the last ship of the Agony team, and then appears to ransom them for 3 bil to self-destruct to give Agony the win.  While it's not clear if anyone actually PAID the ransom, Hydra Reloaded did self-destruct or leave the arena, to get killed.  I think Hydra pulled this off to gain a better matchup in the "losers" bracket next weekend.  After killing so much so quickly, they pad their points nicely so if they sweep their next match, they stand a very good chance of moving on.

Today brings day 2, including the following notable matches

HUN Reloaded v The Tusker Bastards 

Honourable Templum of Alcedonia v WE FORM VOLTRON Who already won BTW


Rote Kapelle v Silver Twilight Enterprises

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