Monday, June 14, 2010

Eve AT8, Days 3 & 4

Thanks to some RL(whats that!) commitments this weekend I wasn't able to watch nearly any matches as opposed to nearly every match I watched last weekend.  Well other than Sunday where I was able to be in ours AND see quite a few.


I kept up my average of being near .500, I think I was at .56 this weekend, a slight improvement, but once again I got it right where it counts!

Day 1 short recap,
  • Surprised that NOIR. Lost again
  • Erebus showing very poor form not showing up for their match, but I expected more people to do the same given the long odds of advancing.  I wish STENT had shown up with less ships so they got more points and advanced, especially if they had been ranked 32, then we would get to shoot them again!
  • Co2 breaking out the Freki to place the slap down on ROL!  Super expensive match, on both sides.  Co2 loses their Flagship as well.  Brutal.
Day 2 short recap,

  • HYDRA handles Old Intentions in what could have just been a setup match.  But doesn't seem to be, just a bad setup VS bombers.
  • Dead Terrorists plow through The TB alliance in short order, ending their attempt at a run into the next round.  Tough loss to the Tusker Bastards!
  • Unaffiliated and IISL traded blows in a great match, sad I only caught it on the replays.  Brutal fight that left both sides with few survivors, IISL won eventually, sealing them into the next round.
  • Dystopia fight goes crazy.  What a great out of the box setup there, Kadeshi failpoints and bring 101 it looks like.  Either way still a wild and crazy fight.
 Our fight vs AAA was a great one in my humble opinion.  Even if Kil2 got it very wrong when commentating about our Harb and then kept bringing up the beam harb.  To put a seal on that, it was pulse fit, and you should be able to tell that given how fast the guns were cycling on and firing, beams have a much longer cycle time.

The whole fight from my perspective;
The fight starts and it takes a painfully long time for me to lock anything, so I align for the Sun, locks come up(heart pounding) so canes webbed first, neuts on all three prot, guns on primary(started out as one of the canes while our support worked on theirs), warriors out on DD then back on primary.  Notice the prot's getting close(Bombers dead now), turn off the web on the other cane, swap web over to Sky'stale's Proteus, turned off ECCM, flipped on cap booster as my cap was already flagging.  Look at gang window to see damage spread over a few targets, nobody really needs help, keep warriors out there.

Cane down, follow the primary over to the next cane, neuts still on Proteus, trying to angle towards their Oneiros who slips into range.  I get a neut on him as well for a few cycles before swapping back to the Prot trying to keep them capped out, curse and I trying to keep them cycle dry.  Notice TD's on my Bhaal, from one of the Proteus(how long has that been going on?), check optimal of guns, adjust crystals to go back doing reduced damage.

Second cane down, warriors come back, Their tackle somehow dead, I drop rep drones to head over to Bacch wondering if they are going to get there in time as he drops into structure.  Check cargo then, of 27 cap boosters ~15 remain at that point.  Proteus make their brake for HEROGUARDIAN, I send my rep drones over to him pretty fast after that, wondering why the hell he's burning away from me while I flip on and overheat the MWD to try to keep the Prot close and webbed.  Close the distance on the Proteus and get them webbed, takes forever to get up to speed, seems even longer knowing the distance is increasing (peaked out at 37km) meanwhile HEROGUARDIAN tackled, heavy damage, into structure, but still alive! First proteus going down aaaand down.  HEROGUARDIAN still benny-hilling around in super low structure as I get back into overheated web range of the Prot's now at my full speed, HEROGUARDIAN skips out of range of their guns and lives for a bit longer.  He still doesn't turn back towards the Bhaal so I have to keep f-ing with my MWD to try to keep up.(turn around HEROGUARDIAN you bastard! is what I'm thinking, only words that come to my mouth are Proteus, webbed.)  A Prot times a cap boost perfectly, MWD to slide out of web range + 1 gun cycle does in HEROGUARDIAN.  I pound approach on their Oneiros who is now at 17km, neut him with my free neut, down to 3 cap boosters left in cargo and 6 in cap booster, little cap left so I keep the boosters coming.

We fire on the Oneiros and Proteus, I swap my guns to the Oneiros to get it through structure, missing mostly, stupid TD's, but he dies anyways.  Both Prot are now ~10km from the Bhaal but under webs and neuts, as the second Prot hits structure I'm out of cap boosters, turn off the neuts and pulse guns to keep the webs active, shutting down the DC to get that 1 cap every 30 seconds of something from it.  Pull rep drones, launch warriors.  I try to push a little range looking for cap boosters in the wrecks, can't find any, get inside 8km from Proteus while doing so, turn and move back out... slowly.  Second Prot down now, working on the last one.

Last one is double webbed, I pulse my guns to keep him webbed, game over.

Nearly have a heart attack as I come out of the battle haze, most of my modules are >50% heat damage, guns at 94%.

This morning I listen to the vent recording, realize how little I actually heard that wasn't important to me at the time and have a little chuckle at HEROGUARDIAN's voice after he dies.  Seriously goes up like 2.5 octaves.

Anywho mad props to AAA for the best fight!  Once again greatly civilized in local during and after the fight.  Was such a good match up and fight!  TD's really hurt DPS, and damn cap management is a pain!

Next round matchups were just posted, so on to my next post!


  1. It was an awesome fight, quite a few of us were commenting on it on our channel while it was going on. Seemed to be in your favour for the whole fight, but only just - it felt to me like there was always the chance it could go the other way right up until almost the end of the fight. Well done to your team and good luck in the next round!

  2. I'd say the same from our side but we were convinced that you had the edge and up until we killed that first Proteus did we really have a chance. Brilliant work to the Proteus pilots though, being under those many neuts and just using passive regen has to be rough!

    Good Luck to you guys too, I'm not sure I can handle another intense match with AAA like that but hopefully we see you again!