Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catching up

So much to write about since I've been gone, well not gone, just not blogging. Had some life stuff come up, but hey, who cares!
Eve Online released Odyssey this past week, one of the better expansions in my opinion. Even if just for the small things, like the apparently never going to get old system transition animation change (which I try to watch almost every time). Not to mention the reduced load time between systems, can't even say just how cool I found the two changes. Reduction in loading screens? Yes please!

Now I bet pretty heavily in some pre-change market speculation that tier 1 BS, specifically the Geddon, Typhoon, and Scorpion would be going up in price and so far that seems to be panning out pretty well. Hopefully prices will continue to rise a bit more before I cash in everything I bought. At least I know I won't be taking a loss.

The changes to those ships have made them all effective choices for pvp, but let's face it, the BS sized weapons are the ones that got the real boost, especially on ships like the CNR, cruise missiles are scary good right now! Tinkerhell and friends swung by TXW to say hello in a small group of CNR's with long point/web support in the form of a loki and a few Arazu and damn near killed an interceptor in 3 volleys almost before he was able to dock. That alone speaks volumes not only for the changes to missiles but also to changes to CNR's in general. Explosion radius bonuses are OP!

A few other things I have noticed since the Odyssey expansion is that some PI items are going crazy, both crashing in price (robotics) or steadily climbing (Polyaramids). So if you haven't made your fortune in PI yet, now might be that time. These changes in price seem to be related to t2 production chains, as well as fuel for POS for all the new moon goo heading out onto the market. I expect to see price hikes across all t2 products, as predicted by A Scientist's life in Eve.

Lots of moving parts to this expansion, so I plan on investigating a few more of them in detail.
As everyone probably knows, Rixx Javixx over at Evoganda has left the Tuskers, or been kicked, depending on how you look at it I suppose. And created a new corp in the eve-piracy scheme. They call themselves "Stay Frosty" and remain in Hevrice right next to the Tuskers. They appear to be doing well, with their current membership at around 60 or so peeps. Not bad for the first month and I wish Rixx luck!
Lei Harper has made a huge the impact with his entrance into Eve Online, his Reddit post near-instantly becoming an eve-internet sensation. The post reflects his first four days in Eve and has since branched out into continued writing at his newly founded Blog, that can be found at this link. The keep track of his experience as he progresses and have thus far been quite a good read.

Specifically, his attitude and excitement has translated well into his writing, and I've been quite impressed to follow his adventures so far in Eve. I wonder how long before he's running around with three to five alts! He certainly already has the cash to do so!
"Has it seriously already been a year since the last tournament?" Said my wife in great anger when I reminded her that it was tourney practice time!

While I still haven't been able to sneak on for a practice, rest assured that the rest of Rote will be making a showing in the upcoming Tourney. The ruleset was released by CCP, as well as the commentator selections (more on the ruleset later)! These include two alliance mates being added to the mix. Bacchanalian, who is a lead commentator for the SCL series, and who's experience there should be well tested by the AT, his appearance, nearly a twin of Goon's Mittani, should also provide a good source of laughs. As well as Apathetic Brent, another SCL staffer and part time SCL coordinator and commentator.

Live random drawings will take place today, Jun 11th at 1700 UTC/GMT/Eve time. Can be watched on Twitch if you are interested, details can be found here....
SCL 4 is going to be a dress rehearsal for ATXI, using the same ruleset, if slightly smaller teams. The announcement post has been made over on the forums, and as usual I will be very excited to see this move forward. I will also be addressing this more later.


Wow that turned quickly into a junk drawer kind of post! Well good news is that I plan on posting more to cover the SCL, as well as the run up to ATXI in my usual over-zealous fashion.

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