Monday, June 24, 2013

SCL4 postponed!

SCL4 has been postponed by the organizers. Pushed off until after ATXI. Official post came from the punning Seldarine on June 20th. Should have checked there this weekend. SCL website continues to retain the information from SCL3.

I am quite shocked there hasn't been an official post made to announce we are postponing the SCL4 until after Alliance Tournament XI.
So yeh, SCL 4 will be sometime after the AT. 
Everyone else organising the SCL (apart from Elendar I hope cos he is terribad) is either commentating for the AT or part of a team for the AT, so it was decided democratic style to postpone.
I apologize if this is actually the first official announcement from us to this effect, and I hope you all have a great AT and come back to us after!
So much for a training grounds! Looks like the ramp up to ATXI is officially on!

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