Friday, June 14, 2013

SCL4 aka ATXI dress rehersal!

As mentioned in my last post the SCL will be streaming the next in their tournaments starting on Jun 22nd and 23rd. Great news because this means the SCL will run with the full ATXI ruleset and play more like a dress rehearsal for some of the top teams, likely including PL, Hydra, as well as others.

Great news for viewers because we get even more tournament action! SCL tends towards smaller fights, running a 70 point max in comparison to the 100 point max used by CCP in AT. This will provide plenty of chances to get a handle on the new banning mechanics, well, more in-line with the CCP AT banning mechanics, as well as new ships, point values, and possible setups. Hopefully not too many turtle tanks, which are always a gambit chance in these kind of tournaments.

In any case, a good end to the month. The SCL can be found streamed on Twitch, and it's website, here.

Now onto the issues I still have with the SCL.

Honestly when the SCL started they seemed to be billing as a bit of a monthly tournament with ongoing standings and results. Yet the majority of the attendee's of the monthly tournaments have been in and out of the tournament, and no apparent standings or record of previous SCL tournaments can be found on their website.

I know it would take a lot of work, but perhaps in the coming season, post ATXI, SCL can step up and do a better job of coming up with a standings bracket, and in fact I think this would go a long way in helping them get repeat teams, because after all if a team took a month or two off they would fall correspondingly behind in the rankings and would need to fight their way back to the top.

Past SCL's need to be completed for editing, allowing viewers and perspective viewers to see all the matches in each SCL. Hopefully after ATXI, the SCL will be able to make these changes and move above and beyond it's current state.

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