Thursday, October 1, 2009


Back in Syndicate, trying to find the good fight.

The roam yesterday was watching paint dry on the walls boring, but the day before that we had a decent engagement against GROON.

We had been roaming for a bit, landing on a ruppy and sabre, we killed the ruppy but the sabre ran away before we could get any points on him.

So in my Rapier, a few systems later I follow the scout into the system and we find a Vexor on the gate. The rest of our 10ish man gang headed through and we proceeded to engage and kill the Vexor while our scout reported there was a 10ish man Groon Gang including two Falcons on the other side of the gate!

We were told to jump through as soon as aggression timers were up and right into the groon gang. I was one of the last through so I had to wait for a few precious seconds before jumping in.

Once in the Groon gang was mostly on the gate trapped in our dictor bubble but already turning to run and warp out. The call was made to spread points when suddenly the Groons stopped trying to warp out and reengaged, but honestly I think it was too late as some of their ships had already warped out including at least one of the Falcons.

Our Scimitars were under fire first, while I focused on a Vaga inside of 10km from me, webbing him as well as putting my point on another groon and webbing the primary. Groon's started to die, and our scimi's were somehow surviving nicely despite the groon dps headed that way. Most of the Groon fleet at this point was fairly spread and unable to effectively focus fire, in addition to the majority of their DPS being drones dropped from Vexors and closer range ships. One of our quick thinking vaga pilots burned out to the Falcon that was trying to play the deal breaker and was able to point and pwn him before he could get a jam and run.

All in all we managed to clean out that fight, 8 kills and 0 Losses, so we were pretty happy about that. Sadly for me I had to run shortly after that fight, but the gang ended up with a few more kills and some losses through the rest of the night. All in all it is good to be back in Syndicate, even if some nights are busts, like last night!