Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ships through a Wormhole

In an effort to keep my scan probe skills sharp I have been flying through highsec and trying to narrow down a few combat sites to keep my wallet happier. Directly in the middle of a 3/10 complex I started getting word that another WH prober had found a Thanatos, Orca as well as 3 mining barges operating in a nearby Worm Hole!

I threw my hat into the ring quickly, indicating I was going to bring my shiny Navy megathron since I hardly ever used it. However most of the responses from fellow pilots indicated they would mostly be flying smaller ships with a smattering of RR BS.

Running back to the station I dropped into my Navy Mega and looked over the fittings before undocking, not only was it fresh from transport, it was solo fit, no RR and no Ammo or charges. Just as fast (read 30 seconds) I was in my Geddon, fitted with RR and ammo! wewt.

I started out the 6 jumps needed to meet with the rest of the gankers outside the nearby wormhole. Once there I found I was ahead of all the rest and got on the horn with a few of my corpies to call in some backup.

I was sure that at any second the Thanny & friends in the WH were going to make a break for it, seems to be the way of the WH to just barely miss targets, but so far no movement on their side. It was tense as we fought through the comms situation to get everyone on the same page, bookmarks for the WH were distributed quickly, I motored my slow ass geddon over the to the can and grabbed me one.

The prober in the WH got a warpable hit on the thanny & friends a few minutes later and the FC called for everyone to warp to the gate. At this time we had 2-3 BS, myself and a mega from what I saw at the WH entry, abaddon showed up later, a curse, HIC and some others. We jumped into the WH as we landed because we heard they had a scout on this side. Not that it mattered!

Once in the WH we were all on our way in warp when our cov ops tackle uncloaked and pointed the Thanny. Once I landed I placed a point on the Orca and layed into it and spread damage over the mining ships, gotta be on all the KM's! The Orca was dead in short order, and damaged swapped to the Thanny, people overloading for MOAR DPS. The thanny was falling way way faster than I expected, but then everything else had as well. It died as well and the race was back to the WH, apparently it was near, inside 4 hours, for collapse and with my fat Armageddon I didn't want to get trapped on the other side without a probe launcher OR a easy way out. Apparently I was one of the few to BM the WH on the way in. I warped back, provided a warp in for a few others and then jumped out, leaving the loot and wrecks behind. I love it when a plan comes together and the targets don't warp out minutes before you are ready!