Monday, June 21, 2010

AT8 Finals, Who stole mai Bhaalgorn?

First I have to thank all the RK peeps that made everything possible for our team.  We had a huge logistic, ISK, time and Sisi support backbone that made us going this far in the tourney a reality.  I'd like to thank our Diva's for keeping their mouths mostly closed in the run-up to the matches and then mercilessly smacking us and our setups/FCing/Piloting 2 seconds after our matches were over.  That's how we roll!

I think that Rote Kapelle redeemed it's poor performance in AT7 by getting to the round of 16 in AT8 and losing to the runners-up.  Unless the rules change in the next year we have already qualified for AT9.  Looking forward to that!

Congrats to PL who worked hard to obtain their victory this year, facing a rough set of teams all around and then facing the HYDRA team and making it look easy.  Even if they knew what was coming before hand in at least one match.  Professional meta-gaming is definitely a part of this tourney.  We'll see you in our local next year ;)

A brief recap of our fight from my perspective.  (Man the ISD recap is terrible)

We warped in at 0 from the beacon, me being the Flagship Bhaalgorn, Rote Drei, along with our Proteus, and Eos.  From the start the idea was to deal with the Rook's and then come back for the Myrm's.  At the outset of the fight I overheated my ECCM, MWD and burned hard for the first rook, landing solid shots taking it down quickly, the next rook followed suit but I was unable to contribute much damage thanks to the damps landing on me from the Myrms.  Meanwhile our frigate pilots tried to eliminate their frigate screen, but the HYDRA team had placed assisted warrior II's from the Myrms on their frigate screen and were promptly ripping apart our frigs.

I was now at 40km from most of the fight, the remaining Rook going one way, while the Myrms trailed after the Frigate battle.  I was unable to lock anything, damped down to a good 17km lock range.  This destroyed the effectiveness of the Bhaalgorn, locks needed to Neut, web etc!  I turned at that point and headed towards the Myrms, determined to get DPS and neuts/webs on something before I died.  As noted in our Flagship setup we did not fit a smartbomb and that was a rather large problem when the drone swarm of the Myrms closed around me. 

I was trading fire with one of the three Myrms at this point, but their logistics, still in the fight, was able to keep him alive while they focused their fire on me and burnt me down.  I was jammed a few times during that stretch but it was already over and we knew it.  Of course, as luck would have it, both webs dropped from the Flagship and were promptly looted by Hydra, who were in prime position to do so.  Congrats on the nice set of webs guys!

I motored about in a pod for a bit waiting for it all to be over, then off to the warp out point and back to TXW.

It's easy to look back at the match or any match and edit the/our setup and/or tactics and claim we could have won if we did this or that.  I'm not going to go down that route, Hydra Reloaded were clearly the better team this Sunday, shout out to fmercury of HYDRA, an old RK pilot.  It was a blast getting there, and we'll be back!  Hopefully next year the prizes will include some shiny Amarr sexy ships and not lame Caldari ones =/

Once again good fights to all the participants... well at least most of them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

AT8 Finals round 1

Well I was right about the one thing that mattered.  It's getting to be habit to write that!  10/16 this time!  A little bit better 0.625, going up!  Wewt!

We squeezed through thanks in large to poor FCing in the latter half of the match by OWN but a win is a win and we will take it.  The rest of the day was filled with some surprises.

How about CVA and DADDY?  Looks like CVA took this very seriously, maybe they should have looked at the invasion of Providence like a AT match.  (snap)

The amazingly boring fight between CH. and Agony left me near-asleep, but Agony pulled off a big win there, strong in the turtle love.  Wonder how they will do vs the resurgent CVA?

Atlas plowed into the next round, overall a pretty hard hitting first day of the finals!  Still happy we made it into the next round....  But things just got serious.

We face off against HYDRA RELOADED in the next round.  it's a fight we saw coming a while ago so we have been hard at work trying to find a way around those damn bombers!  Silly little things.

Anyways, first match is tomorrow @ 1500 GMT (a lovely 8am PST for me).  Will have to see what we come up with to believe it!

My ever-present predictions
CVA over Agony
Voltron over Co2
B A N E over DT
Wrong over Darkside
Dystopia over Panda (sad Panda) :(
Paisti over PL (in a surprise upset)
Ronin over ATLAS

Should be an exciting day 2

From there we will see RK over CVA  Then RK over VOLTRON, then RK over Dystopia =)

I hope.

Goodnight and goodluck.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog Banter #18; A long history of a short time.

Welcome to the eighteenth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by none other than me, CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

On May 6th 2010, EVE Online celebrated its 7th Anniversary. Quite a milestone in MMO history, especially considering that it is one of the few virtual worlds out there to see its population continually grow year after year. For some of you who've been here since the very beginning, EVE has evolved quite a lot since its creation. With the expansion rolling out roughly twice a year, New Eden gets renewed and improved regularly. But, how about you the player? How has you gaming style evolved through the years or months since you've started playing? Have you always been a carebear, or roleplayer? Have you only focused on PvP or have you given other aspects of the game a chance - say manufacturing. Let's hear your story!

Eve's 7 and Logan just turned 5, pretty impressive growth over time for both eve and Logan I'd say.  A lot has changed since Castor, though I never saw anything back that far.  I came into the game playing Exodus, introducing the t2 line of vessels, dead space complexes, and all kinds of other old-hat stuff these days.  Though even that expansion was in its dying stages when I started the game, headed into Exodus:Cold War. 

Logan was an alt, training learning skills, and moving towards PvP while my main at that time struggled with too many skills in too many area's and a distinct lack of direction.  This was when I did most of my mining, and thankfully I left that behind once Logan was in a Rifter.  I plowed about in the OLD NC, getting into fleet fights and largely dying.  As my skills, meaning mostly SP progressed and the NC of the age fell apart, I went back into Empire, joining a few corps that specialized in "Everything but pirating."  Was just never happy there, flying escort against NPC's in a wolf is somehow just underwhelming as was flying around CVA in Providence.

From there I went and joined my first Pirate corporation, called Nubs.  My first bro-mance with a corp was here, a buddy from one of the "we do everything but pirate." corp joined up, actually he brought me in.  Anyways, we roamed lowsec and null killing targets of all shapes and sizes and I have to say I was hooked.  At the time Nubs. and friends pretty much had their run of placid, at the time a big den of scum and villainy.  Times were good but they didn't last.  The now famous ENH of CH. started their march to fame through Nubs it often seems like when I look back on my time there.  We fought a few (bitter) wars with them, at the time they were very anti-pirate.  In any case for the most part we felt like we were winning and they must have felt the same because suddenly Outbreak. shows up to help them, deccing Nubs. as well as our allies and camping the crap out of our home station.  Long story short, Nubs. moved on and used Carriers to operate out of 0.0.

I left Nubs. to setup my second attempt at being CEO of a empire merc/pirate corp.  That exposed me to the perils of high-sec wars and I grew bored pretty quick, joining an alliance and moving back out to Syndicate.  There our alliance was repeatedly stomped by my old corp (Nubs.) new alliance.  We didn't last long and I headed over to Nubs. once again.

Following them around led me into fights in the North, GW and Wicked Creek, back to the North for Insurgency. then all the way down south fighting as an ally of BoB at the end of the ASCN war and the start of the Great war.  I grew to hate the constant lag fights, the utter stupidity of many of BoB's FC's and allied FC's, plus POS warfare.  Nubs. soon left and found a home back in Syndicate... by going inactive.  I left Nubs. there and did a short stint doing more empire wars, pirating, etc before joining up with STIM.

Since then I have really realized that small gang warfare, while hard to find and even harder to survive was where I wanted to be.  I have stayed with RK and STIM since.

In my time I have tried much of Eve's offerings, taking a stab at everything from mining to exploration, POS management to sniper BS FCing.  I don't think I would have changed much, other than perhaps keeping my corp around longer, leaving the alliance I was in instead of leaving behind my corp.  Somewhere I still have the desire to be "the leader" again, but that feeling goes away nearly as soon as it arrives, thankfully.  No, STIMULUS is more than just home for me now, it's the right fit and one I'm glad I was able to find, even more so after winning a few matches in AT8 =)

My Alts remain in hiding, still with those skills needed to do all those horrible things I have done in the past, like mining or l4 missions.  It's Logan who represents Eve for me now, and happy to be that way.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

AT8 Round 3 Day 1 Predictions

CCP worked fast this week, the matches are already set for round 3.  After some great fights you can see the standings here...

AT8 Qualifiers Standings

The match schedule is up, coming pretty close to in line what people were expecting.  We are on the left ladder, going against a whole horde of AT favorites and contenders including, AAA, Cry Havoc., VOLTRON, ROL, Agony, and HYDRA.  The right side of the ladder has the favorites PL and Dystopia Alliance, in addition to Panda Team, Soldiers of Thunderstorm, and Atlas.

Tourney Bracket Link

Our first match will be vs OWN alliance!  Kinda extra crappy since it will be at 1500 GMT, meaning an earlier morning for us to prep for the match!

I think the first round will play out like this;
Saturday June 19th, 2010

15:00  Rote Kapelle  v  OWN Alliance - Ranked #1 overall, RK's not going to take this match as a walkover, expect tough resistance from OWN with a close (but hopefully not as close as last week) win from Rote Kapelle.

15:20  Leguinea Romana v HYDRA RELOADED - HYDRA has been unstoppable thus far, the trend continues... for this match.  I hope this is one I am wrong about because it would be great to see the underdogs here win.

15:40  Cry Havoc. v Agony Empire - CH. pulls out the stops here, breaking Agony's chance at entering the next round.  Should be a tough, hard match, but in the end...

16:00  The G0dfathers v Curatores Veritatis Alliance - CVA's exceeded all expectations after their round 1 fight, advancing to the second round.  Their streak ends here with the strong G0DS team coming in ahead.

16:20  Circle-Of-Two v RED.OVERLORD - Co2 and ROL JUST PLAYED in round 2.  Damn rematches, I think Co2 wins again.  But it's a tough call, pretty ballsy to put out all those Freki.

16:40  WE FORM VOLTRON v Against ALL Authorities - Another crazy match here!  VOLTRON has been great so far, and we know AAA is equally skilled from personal experience.  So difficult for me to call because I have been backing VOLTRON from the start.  AAA seriously impressed me last week, so I'm not going to choose a winner here.  Heart AAA, head VOLTRON.

17:00  B A N E v Electric Monkey Overlords - BANE's gonna lose, it's just not going to be this time.  EMO out.

17:20  Ushra'Khan v Dead Terrorists - U'K Have put up a great showing so far, finding strong counters and luck that their counters fit the situations, I expect their luck to continue.


18:20  The Wrong Alliance v Majesta Empire - Majesta was lucky to even advance.  Sloppy piloting and FCing to bring Ewar at 0 on the becon, it cost them the match in short order.  Wrong alliance Wins.

18:40  DarkSide. v Morsus Mihi - MM's FC's managed the win in a strong way in round 2, Darkside.'s setup and strong FCing, keeping targets locked out won their match.  It's going to be a very close one that I think MM wins.

19:00  SOLAR FLEET v Panda Team - Panda Team made it.  Now they truly are dangerous.  They advance vs SOLAR.

19:20  Dystopia Alliance v Get Off My Lawn - LAWN faced a loss in round 2, it's all about the rebound in this match vs a very difficult match up.  They do well, but fail to advance.  Dystopia.

19:40  Paisti Syndicate v Soldiers of Thunderstorm - So7 is another that squeaked into the third round after leveling IAC in round 2.  Paisti alliance benefited from poor FCing in their last match, allowing them to kill the heart of their opponents setup before the match got out of control.  This one may already be out of control.

20:00  Pandemic Legion v T o r m e n t u m - T o r m e n t u m has done well as the underdog thus far.  Looking to continue this streak versus the current AT champs, unlikely.

20:20  THE R0NIN v Electus Matari - EM lost a big fight against ERROR, this one is even bigger, with the same result.

20:40  Atlas Alliance v Important Internet Spaceship League - IISL squeaked into the 3rd round by thinking outside the Tengu/Drake setup.  Now the pressure's really on.  They advance in a close match.

Not sure there will be time to predict the other round, but RK makes it to the finals!

Eve AT8, Days 3 & 4

Thanks to some RL(whats that!) commitments this weekend I wasn't able to watch nearly any matches as opposed to nearly every match I watched last weekend.  Well other than Sunday where I was able to be in ours AND see quite a few.


I kept up my average of being near .500, I think I was at .56 this weekend, a slight improvement, but once again I got it right where it counts!

Day 1 short recap,
  • Surprised that NOIR. Lost again
  • Erebus showing very poor form not showing up for their match, but I expected more people to do the same given the long odds of advancing.  I wish STENT had shown up with less ships so they got more points and advanced, especially if they had been ranked 32, then we would get to shoot them again!
  • Co2 breaking out the Freki to place the slap down on ROL!  Super expensive match, on both sides.  Co2 loses their Flagship as well.  Brutal.
Day 2 short recap,

  • HYDRA handles Old Intentions in what could have just been a setup match.  But doesn't seem to be, just a bad setup VS bombers.
  • Dead Terrorists plow through The TB alliance in short order, ending their attempt at a run into the next round.  Tough loss to the Tusker Bastards!
  • Unaffiliated and IISL traded blows in a great match, sad I only caught it on the replays.  Brutal fight that left both sides with few survivors, IISL won eventually, sealing them into the next round.
  • Dystopia fight goes crazy.  What a great out of the box setup there, Kadeshi failpoints and bring 101 it looks like.  Either way still a wild and crazy fight.
 Our fight vs AAA was a great one in my humble opinion.  Even if Kil2 got it very wrong when commentating about our Harb and then kept bringing up the beam harb.  To put a seal on that, it was pulse fit, and you should be able to tell that given how fast the guns were cycling on and firing, beams have a much longer cycle time.

The whole fight from my perspective;
The fight starts and it takes a painfully long time for me to lock anything, so I align for the Sun, locks come up(heart pounding) so canes webbed first, neuts on all three prot, guns on primary(started out as one of the canes while our support worked on theirs), warriors out on DD then back on primary.  Notice the prot's getting close(Bombers dead now), turn off the web on the other cane, swap web over to Sky'stale's Proteus, turned off ECCM, flipped on cap booster as my cap was already flagging.  Look at gang window to see damage spread over a few targets, nobody really needs help, keep warriors out there.

Cane down, follow the primary over to the next cane, neuts still on Proteus, trying to angle towards their Oneiros who slips into range.  I get a neut on him as well for a few cycles before swapping back to the Prot trying to keep them capped out, curse and I trying to keep them cycle dry.  Notice TD's on my Bhaal, from one of the Proteus(how long has that been going on?), check optimal of guns, adjust crystals to go back doing reduced damage.

Second cane down, warriors come back, Their tackle somehow dead, I drop rep drones to head over to Bacch wondering if they are going to get there in time as he drops into structure.  Check cargo then, of 27 cap boosters ~15 remain at that point.  Proteus make their brake for HEROGUARDIAN, I send my rep drones over to him pretty fast after that, wondering why the hell he's burning away from me while I flip on and overheat the MWD to try to keep the Prot close and webbed.  Close the distance on the Proteus and get them webbed, takes forever to get up to speed, seems even longer knowing the distance is increasing (peaked out at 37km) meanwhile HEROGUARDIAN tackled, heavy damage, into structure, but still alive! First proteus going down aaaand down.  HEROGUARDIAN still benny-hilling around in super low structure as I get back into overheated web range of the Prot's now at my full speed, HEROGUARDIAN skips out of range of their guns and lives for a bit longer.  He still doesn't turn back towards the Bhaal so I have to keep f-ing with my MWD to try to keep up.(turn around HEROGUARDIAN you bastard! is what I'm thinking, only words that come to my mouth are Proteus, webbed.)  A Prot times a cap boost perfectly, MWD to slide out of web range + 1 gun cycle does in HEROGUARDIAN.  I pound approach on their Oneiros who is now at 17km, neut him with my free neut, down to 3 cap boosters left in cargo and 6 in cap booster, little cap left so I keep the boosters coming.

We fire on the Oneiros and Proteus, I swap my guns to the Oneiros to get it through structure, missing mostly, stupid TD's, but he dies anyways.  Both Prot are now ~10km from the Bhaal but under webs and neuts, as the second Prot hits structure I'm out of cap boosters, turn off the neuts and pulse guns to keep the webs active, shutting down the DC to get that 1 cap every 30 seconds of something from it.  Pull rep drones, launch warriors.  I try to push a little range looking for cap boosters in the wrecks, can't find any, get inside 8km from Proteus while doing so, turn and move back out... slowly.  Second Prot down now, working on the last one.

Last one is double webbed, I pulse my guns to keep him webbed, game over.

Nearly have a heart attack as I come out of the battle haze, most of my modules are >50% heat damage, guns at 94%.

This morning I listen to the vent recording, realize how little I actually heard that wasn't important to me at the time and have a little chuckle at HEROGUARDIAN's voice after he dies.  Seriously goes up like 2.5 octaves.

Anywho mad props to AAA for the best fight!  Once again greatly civilized in local during and after the fight.  Was such a good match up and fight!  TD's really hurt DPS, and damn cap management is a pain!

Next round matchups were just posted, so on to my next post!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AT8 round 2 Day 2 predictions, where the tough teams come to fight.

AT8 Day 2, with that pesky USA v England match over we can go back to focusing on AT8!  Unless you are following Germany v Aussies or Ghana and Slovenia.

Day two looks like it will be a good one, with some matches that won't matter in the overall points standing (just like day 1) but should be fun to watch anyways!

Sunday 13th June

15:00  HYDRA RELOADED  v  Old Intentions - HYDRA worked the first ever successful reverse ransom in tournament history possibly in Eve.  Their Self-Destruct sequences non-withstanding, they dominated their first match vs Agony.  Using a effective and cheap setup to quickly tear apart the Agony team with practiced efficiency.  Gaming the system is an old tradition in Eve, one HYDRA took the time to remind us of.  Old Intentions faced a tough first round, edged out by U'K in the closest match of round 1.  A setup problem and some piloting errors look to have sealed the fate of the Old Intentions team.  Likely a lesson learned there that will prevent the same mistakes in round 2.  The massive Amarr setup fielded in round 1 for Old Intentions put out impressive DPS so it will be anyones guess as to what they will bring out next.  In a tough match I think HYDRA take the lead, collapsing Old's hope for the next round.

15:20  Morsus Mihi  v  Perihelion Alliance - MM's AT fame is related to the torrent of angry, yes ,even whining posts made on the forums last year (AT7) when they were not drawn from the hat.  In round 1 they failed to live up to their lofty claims of last year, but gave a good show none the less.  Bringing a ECM heavy setup almost worked out but the chance based nature of jamming and ECM drones allowed their opponents to "Pimp slap" them into oblivion.  Perihelion Alliance was unlucky to draw AAA in their first match, but made the most of it, killing many of AAA's fleet before dying out.  Their Minmatar heavy setup served them well but ended up being pummeled by the missile barrages coming from AAA.  In another match where both sides must win to advance, Perihelion Alliance pulls out a narrow victory, providing one of the better matches in the second day.

15:40  Pitch Black Legion  v  Electric Monkey Overlords - Pitch Black's heavy Bomber setup failed to hang on in round one last weekend.  A disconnect of their Logistics pilot also cause more havoc at the worst time of the match.  It was close to begin with but in the end, once their Logistics and ECM died off, the match was decided.  If the Logistics pilot had remained on line there is a good chance the outcome would have been more even if not reversed.  Electric Monkey Overlords fought one of the closer battles as well, their Damnation staying alive through the end of their 15 minute battle with LR.  Their strategic heavy setup was impressive, and strong but was just barely weaker than the BS heavy setup fielded against them.  Good piloting skills and dogged determination  nearly led to a victory last week and will serve them well in the upcoming match.  It's too close to call for sure, but I will stick with I-CUT for this match.

16:00  Plutonix  v  Panda Team - As I predicted, Plutonix was faced with a rough match at the hands of Cry Havoc.  They were able to kill a few ships before being overwhelmed and removed from the field, putting them, points wise, far from the likely cut point to make it to the next round.  In this round they lock up with Panda Team who's loss and lack of kills put them in a similar position.  In this match where likely neither team will make the cut I think Panda team will rebound with a victory.

16:20  Curatores Veritatis Alliance  v  Manifest Destiny. - CVA narrowly lost their first match to Darkside. by the poor piloting of one of their Falcons.  When he violated the boundary and was removed from play the tide swung quickly and hard against them, slamming the door on their hopes to advance to the next level before it even began.  The CVA setup was strong but in a fight where every ship matters, individual pilot skill matters more.  With a week to focus on staying inside the boundaries I think CVA will not make that mistake again.  Manifest Destiny lost quickly to Razor on the first round, but was at least able to kill a few ships before departing the field.  The odd choice of the shield logistics ship for a obvious armor tanking gang made me wonder if they lacked the pilots for a proper setup.  CVA's pride is on the line here and not for the last time, but I think they have the better shot at winning this time.  So while my heart hopes Manifest wins...

16:40  Dead Terrorists  v  The Tusker Bastards - Dead Terrorists were hurt by PL in the first round, though their setup was solid it was no match for the similar and powerful setup of PL.  Failing to score many points may have hurt them the most, making this match for nothing more than pride.  This could result in seeing the DT flagship(A Raven Navy Issue) take the field against the Tusker Bastards.  The TB on the other hand have already lost their Flagship after a big loss in round 1.  I expect TB to channel their inner lowsec pirate here and give a much stronger performance after their BS heavy setup and lack of mobility cost them the first round.  In the end I expect to see a close match, determined by if DT bring their flagship or not.  I expect they won't.  Tusker Bastards finish off the tourney with a win.

17:00  Unaffiliated  v  Important Internet Spaceship League - Unaffiliated dond't need to fly out to Jove space to engage IISL, they used to live close by each other in Syndicate.  Unaffiliated faced a tough loss int he first round, facing off against a Bhaalgorn and support that was able to remove them from the field quickly.  IISL couldn't stay away from the Drake concept that they seem to fly often in TQ.  Lacking the Logistics points needed to maintain their fleet, they crumbled against the heavy onslaught of Monk's solid fleet, losing two Nightmares in the process.  In this battle I think we see Unaffiliated last out and win.  Still failing to advance.

17:20  Mos Vape Heavy Industries  v  Beyond Virginity - Mos Vape showed poorly in the first round, getting crushed by a ranged setup and losing both a Bhaalgorn and a Vindicator.  Fortunately neither were flagships.  Beyond Virginity made a few mistakes in their first outing, but nothing a week won't fix.  It will be a close fight, with BV pulling out a win at the end.


18:20  AAA  v  Rote Kapelle - AAA won the first round, taking heavy damage before eventually killing the other team.  Rote Kapelle cruised to an easy win in the first round.  Both teams face more experienced and better teams in the second round, ranking #1 and #2 respectively.  Rote Kapelle wins this one though AAA scores enough points to advance.  Did you really think I would pick against my own alliance?

18:40  Agony Empire  v  Ushra'Khan - Agony empire was given their win after the slaughter HYDRA treated them to.  They should still field a very capable team for this matchup, one that U'K will have a hard time with I imagine.  Ushra on the other hand worked hard for their win, trading blows with the opposing team until cap wore thin and shield wore thinner.  They came out with a impressive long term win in round one and look to continue that into round 2.  Agony rallies hard here, but lose it last second, still advancing but failing to win.

19:00  Dystopia Alliance  v  The Kadeshi - Dystopia had a tough first match, making it out of there with a close win, even losing quite a few of their ships before securing the win.  Make no mistake, their setup was solid and dogged determination vs ECM and their use of ECM drones sealed their victory, they will be pushing hard to win in round 2.  Kadeshi in round one faced off against a tough fight in Pitch black Legion and came out on top, mostly by smart FCing and properly identifying threats in the other gang.  This time they are going up against some tourney vets and it should be more interesting, but I think Dystopia pulls through in the end, winning and advancing.

19:20  Cry Havoc.  v  BricK sQuAD. - Cry Havoc looked like they were setup for a loss to me when their match in round 1 started.  They were able to kite the BS and kill at will, pushing them to an impressive victory from what was a very tough situation.  Brick Squad on the other hand had a great match against Panda Team, utilizing a hybrid Tengu concept that worked well against the Tengu's they faced.  I still like CH to win this, I'm not sure if Brick will score enough points to advance.

19:40  DarkSide.  v  RAZOR Alliance - DarkSide. won a close match against CVA, even using Minmatar BS effectively to pulverize the enemy.  I say close because Darkside only had a few ships left at the end, not because of the quality of the ships left.  RAZOR brought out the Battle Badger, securing a victory against Manifest Destiny with some ease.  Their setup was brual and effective, using four Stealth bombers to crush the opposing fleet.  Even though I love Darkside for killing CVA, Razor should win this handily.

20:00  HUN Reloaded  v  B A N E - HUN's first round setup had little trouble with the likes of the Tusker Bastards flagship, downing that as well as the entire Tuskers fleet easily.  In round two expect them to bring even more pain pushing towards another victory and the second round.  B A N E had an easy time as well against the light DPS and ECM heavy setup they faced.  so it will be tough to predict how they will come out against what will likely be a higher DPS setup fielded by HUN.  In the end HUN's experience carries the day...

20:20  Pandemic Legion  v  Monks of War. - PL are still the heavy favorites to repeat in AT8.  So far in round one they crushed their opponents, reinforcing the idea of a PL win.  Monks might have something to say about that after a solid win against IISL with a Mach based heavy setup.  I think this match is a grinder and leaves both teams bloodied with PL coming out on top but Monks making the unsurprising move into the next round with them.

20:40  Paisti Syndicate  v  Majesta Empire - Paisti outran their opponents DPS in the first round, edging out a victory in short order while retaining most of their ships.  Majesta Empire fielded another of the popular Tengu setups, and were able to hold them together despite losing their logistics in their first round match.  Setups allowing it should be a very close match to close out the second day of round 2 AT8.  Majesta Empire brings just enough to get the win.

Day 2 is packed with hard hitting matches, including ours and I already can't wait for it to arrive.  Good luck with the rest of the week.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who cares about PI? AT8 Round 2 schedule out! Day 1 predictions.

Okay really it felt like we had to wait a week to get the results all mathed out and find out from CCP who we would be facing.  All early indications looked that Rote Kapelle would be ranked at second place behind .-A-. who we would likely be fighting in round 2.

Pictures from the FLICKR set of Winterblink for AT8.
Now the official results have been released!  Post week one rankings can be found here.  Rote was indeed ranked two, right behind AAA!  Our opponents in the first round are ranked 58th, the one point we gave them helping them edge above the dregs.

The official schedule for round 2 can be found here and day one will be broken down below.  I was so crap at week one I'm not sure ANYONE should listen to me, but I was right where it counts!  So I will continue to spew on the topic.  50% isn't bad right? RIGHT?!

Saturday 12th June

15:00  Snatch Victory  v  OWN Alliance - At the start of the Snatch match it looked so much like Snatch were setup for some dominating drone DPS and that's right when things started to go wrong.  Everyone was expecting "Drone swarm" but nobody was expecting this.  Instead of launching high-damage sentries that would hurt the ranged DPS of Space P0lice, they dropped shield maint drones and Hammerhead II's.  I can remember the collective "what the HELL" coming from our vent channel.  So close to a viable, great setup, but so far.  Even worse is looking at their lossmails, most of them had sentry drones in their cargo, ready, but never deployed.  OWN on the other hand suffered mightily at the hands of a G0Dfather Bomber smackdown.  Only able to recover enough to kill two bombers in return.  At least their setup was used as best as could be expected, I give the nod to OWN on this one.

15:20  Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate  v  Soldiers of Thunderstorm - IAC's first match ended roughly, but it wasn't because of a poor setup, someone just brought the rock to their scissors.  IAC used a high-speed minmatar setup that fell in front of their opponents Nighthawk and Drake precision missile based setup.  The match was over in under 4 minutes, IAC managing to kill just a few ships before being removed from the field.  SoT on the other hand, were crushed in convincing fashion despite their isk and skill intensive setup.  Fielding 3 Proteus, all buffer tanked with a Guardian, Domi and Damnation working to keep them alive was no match for their opponents NEG10.  The fact that SoT also fielded two battle haulers, arguably wasting needed points to counter a high DPS team like NEG10 makes me wonder.  In a match of two people who were easily crushed like these teams, who do I pick?  I voted against both of them last round and was correct both times!  (A rarity I assure you!)  IAC brount a Minmatar based team, carrying my favor this time.

15:40  Veni Vidi Vici  v  Honourable Templum of Alcedonia - V3's first match ended in a loss, and I'm betting it was because of poor fittings for the task at hand on their missile based ships.  Those Griffin's seemed to barely be taking damage at all, they should have had precision missiles loaded and those griffins would have been dying in a hurry.  Alcedonia on the other hand faced the brually effective setup fielded by Voltron.  HTA was outmatched, and handled easily by the Voltron setup, paired Geddons and Bhaalgorn, striking down easily what could have been a more effective setup.  HTA did focus fire and attempted to even the odds, but a strange mix of shield tanking, armor repair logistics and the Curse really showed a lack of cohesion on the HTA team.  HTA v V3 should be an interesting match, I think HTA wins, V3 still reeling from their loss to EM.

16:00  Noir. Mercenary Group  v  Indecisive Certainty - Noir. were the favorites going into their match, up until their FC was embarrassed by failing to switch targets off a Bait basilisk and onto a viable target.  This inflexibility will haunt them in the fluid battles they face in round 2.  I have to believe that the lesson was heeded.  Last year Noir. improved greatly from round 1 to 2.  AWFUL is not just the ticker of Indecisive Certainty.  Their Logistics was locked out early in their round one match by creative use of sensor damps and applied DPS.  Looking at their setups in hindsight, a lot of their fleet's utility was wasted.  The scimitar likely capped out early in the fight, or was pinned by the fitting of a MWD and a EHP tank on the shields.  Even the utility from increased rep drones were seemingly overlooked, Hammerhead II's sitting in the 40m3 drone bay of the Scimitar instead.  Making me wonder what was in that last 20m3.  Easily going for Noir. here.

16:20  Silver Twilight Enterprises  v  Erebus Alliance - Silver Twilight lost their first round match to none other than Rote.  Let me dissect their setup in more general terms than previously.  Their ravens were supposed to be solid DPS platforms, with Rook and Kitsune support, but were removed too quickly to do anything.  Their setups weren't solid but seemed to have some thought behind them.  Sp can be a problem as well as I noticed several t1 components, at least go for best named.  Erebus on the other side were utterly crushed by the DPS of 3 Mach's in the last and fastest match of Day 1 round 1.  Excellent execution of the Mach setup led to the quick death of Erebus's entire fleet.  However the Erebus setup seemed to have some teeth before they were kicked in.  I think I am going to have to back Erebus for now, but my heart votes for Silver.

16:40  Arbeitaholics Anonymous  v  Ivy League - AA's first match was a disaster.  Their setup was lost before it even joined the field.  Minmatar's key weaknesses are low sig strength so easily jammed, relying on speed to tank, thus relying on capacitor to keep the speed up.  Since the AA team was hugely reliant on Minmatar hulls, they were easily neutralized and jammed by the ECM heavy opponents and then out Minmatar-ed by the lone Mach on the other team.  It was a rough fight for their team.  Ivy League faced the first 3 Vindicator setup, but lack of tackle was their real downfall.  Despite fielding 4 Destroyer hulls to keep the Vindi's at range and kill tackle the 2 Golems and Vulture were easy targets despite their cap transfer for teh Vindicators 1k dps per ship (likely).  Poor FCing may have led to lack of jams on the Oneiros, and focused fire there for too long.  Setups reveal that the Rook's of Ivy League were multispec fit, but apparently were still ineffective against the uni-race setup like their opponents used.  I think both teams could have done better against different opponents, and now they get their chance.  Ivy League squeaks out a win in this one.

17:00  Eve Engineering  v  Intrepid Crossing - EE faced off against R.A.G.E alliance, a late entrant into the tourney to replace the defunct Goons Alliance.  EE should have had the better chance here, since their setups should have been tested and re-tested while RAGE had very little time to put something together.  However the opposite was true and RAGE carried the day easily, in my mind highlighting the fact the EE failed to put the due time into tourney work.  IRC on the other hand lost but made every effort to stick around and fight through the heavy ECM and reps of the opposing team.  IRC clearly has spent the time figuring out fits and tactics, giving them the easy nod to win this match.

17:20  Huzzah Federation  v  The Star Fraction - Huzzah broke down the match very well in their own post match words.  Stating that their first round opponents stuck close, capitalizing on remote reps and drones to survive the fire from the three Mach's on the field.  Huzzah had very bad luck and lost a ton of isk in the first round, but their tactics were proven solid by the wins created by Machs fielded in other matches in the first round.  Interestingly, the two teams that lost while fielding Mach's will be facing one another.  Star Fraction(SF) lost 3 Mach's in a similar fashion for the last match of Day 2.  While some of us RK peeps got all pants on head happy, I was still sad to see three Mach's die so quickly.  SF claims to have faced extensive Minmatar Jammer use in the first round, crippling their dps for much of the fight, but I contend that as usual Minmatar ships have a low sensor strength, making them easier on average to jam.  Also the DPS coming from those ships has a tough time on shields, unless at closer ranges with Phased Plasma and EMP, even then, a tough match for shield resists.  In this match I see Huzzah rising up to take down SF for the win just before the break on Day 1.

Break - Rens cam this time?

18:20  THE SPACE P0LICE  v  The G0dfathers - PIGS aka the Space P0lice faced a poor setup and even worse FC in the first round, facing little incoming fire or DPS they had their run of the fight.  Fielding the Drake/Raven/Missile spam setup was solid though the DPS output was lacking.  G0DS bombing run was the key to their victory in round 1.  They placed their opponents in deep damage early on in the match, making the most of their bomber DPS and crushing the other side.  From there they could just mop up, a well thought out but counterable setup.  I still think that G0DS win.  BTW This is the first match where either or both sides won in round 1.

18:40  The Wrong Alliance  v  Electus Matari. - ERROR are coming off a good showing in round 1, their rock type setup dealt well with the scissors setup employed by IAC in round 1.  Using their bigger tanks, and tackle and precise missile damage against a speed setup was a great match up.  EM had a slightly harder time with their match, but was able to keep their Griffin's alive long enough to kill off their round 1 opponents.  Their tactics were solid as was their fit, losing only their tackle while killing everything on the field.  Since both teams used close to the same fits as a core of their setups in round 1 it will be tough to predict what will be fielded in round 2.  That being said I think ERROR has a slight advantage here as my guy says that EM comes back with a similar if not the same setup in round 2.

19:00  Negative Ten.  v  WE FORM VOLTRON - Negative ten pulls a tough match this round against likely favorites Voltron.  Both teams have 125 points for complete victories last round, so with around 50-75 more points even if you lose round 2 you could still qualifiy to move into the next round.  NEG10 brought a strong but low sp based setup that focused on damage and versatility, removing their round 1 opponents quickly.  Voltron focused on damage and more damage, Geddons and Bhaalgorn ripping through their opponents quickly, while small fast tackle and the Bhaalgorn held them in place.  NEG10 will be pressed to get the points needed to move on out of this match, I think Voltron will be the winners.  Good luck to NEG10 for the upset on this one, or at the very least enough points to move forward to the finals.

19:20  Circle-Of-Two  v  RED.OVERLORD - Circle made short work of the AWFUL team, using a clearly tested and thought out strategy to pin down the logistics support of their opponents and eliminate the most threatening bits of their setup first.  ROL on the other hand showed up with one of the first and most wildly successful setups of Mach's in the tourney.  They used the superior range and tracking of the pirate BS to full effect here, easily dispatching their foes.  This is a very solid setup from two teams that put out impressive performances in their round 1 matches.  I think CoT brings a different setup and manages a win, narrowly, ROL still advances.

19:40  Atlas Alliance  v  T o r m e n t u m - Atlas clearly has spaiz but have they infiltrated T o r m e n t u m?  This will truly test their intelligence network as well as their skills in setups should their intelligence fail them.  T o r were able to pull the victory out against SF supposedly (according to Jade) due to their subterfuge skills as well.  Spaiz or not, both sides will need to bring their "A" team and game to defeat the other.  T o r m e n t u m is clearly the underdog here so worthy of my support, I hope they have another win up their sleeves.

20:00  Get Off My Lawn  v  THE R0NIN - LAWN proved they didn't need my luck, or did they use all of it?  Yard stomping their competition in the first round with a well thought out setup and clearly defined tactics.  THE R0NIN team fielded a unique setup, a rarity in any tournament.  They were able to capitalize on t3's with rep drones, a logistics Guardian and high DPS.  Once in range they had no trouble working through the lower EHP of the Machariels they face, eliminating all three.  Both LAWN and R0NIN fielded good, stable setups, utilizing EWAR and drones to best effect to disable and kill or tank and kill their enemies.  I hope LAWN brings on the luck and skill here and pulls out ahead.

20:20  R.A.G.E  v  SOLAR FLEET - R.A.G.E, late entrants will now have a full week to prepare, making them even more deadly than they were in round one.  In round one they crushed Eve Engineering but this time their opposition is vastly improved.  They face off against SOLAR FLEET, who in their first round managed a DPS heavy win over Ivy League.  Both teams will have to work hard this week preparing for the match as their opposition just got much more difficult.  I hope R.A.G.E continues ahead, but they will likely lose just enough to advance SOLAR to the next round.

20:40  death from above..  v  Leguinea Romana - DFA shocked us all but Jager Da.  His former Alliance mates prepped well for their first match, eliminating the heavily favored Noir. team with a well planned trap.  Noir fell into their tarpit of DPS and allowed them to cause crippling damage while taking little themselves.  The Basilisk trap setup was a master-stroke, but it remains to be seen if they can survive against a FC who changes primary.  Truly they won both intellectually and in the crazyness of their match, but can they carry it on with another win in the second round?  Leguinea Romana fought a long duel against EMO in the first round.  Failing to secure the much needed totalhelldeath of their opponents by one ship.  Their setup featured Dominix Drone boats, supported by Curor tackle frigates and logistics drones.  They traded ship for ship up until the end, barely outclassing their opponent.  DFA can advance with a minimal showing in points, but is likely to shoot for complete victory while LR will need to grasp every point it can from this match to advance to the next round.  DFA pull this one out, blocking LR from advancing, and securing their spot as the dark horse of AT8.


Tomorrow is a new day with new breakdown predictions for day two round two of AT8, including the top ranked faceoff between AAA and Rote Kapelle, as well as other notable fights : Cry Havoc v Brick Squad, HYDRA RELOADED v Old Intentions, and HUN Reloaded v BANE.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rote Drei, RK and AT8 Day 2!

So much to write about and so little time!

AT8 day 2 is now behind us, upping my win percentage from .500 to a staggering .531!  At least I didn't go down, and I did guess, emphasis on guess, right on the one match that mattered, our match.  So let me recap that first,  Go to Here and turn the volume down after reading this...

I was flying the Bhaalgorn of sparkley bits, named Rote Drei, Man is that ever a sexy ship!  Joining me were an Eos, and no it didn't boost my already long web range (that a skirmish link not a info warfare one...)  Anyways, 2 Brutix, 3 Purifier stealth bombers, a Guardian and 2 Keres completed our lineup of 99 points. Primaries were assigned and a bombing run setup.  Our guardian pilot was having major trouble staying logged in giving me heart palpitations as I thought of what losing Rote Drei would do.  Fortunately we were able to get him back online in time, or maybe a little late, and stable, for the match.

The rest of the fleet was given Primaries while I was given the order to kill the Keres, Blackthorrn, first, hanging 47 KM away from me, 1km outside web range, and in good to perfect scorch range.  Everyone else was to focus fire on the Rook, Joe Fester, also just barely outside of my web range.  The idea was to get ECM off the field, then swap to the Basilisk then kill everything else.  The Purifiers were going to drop bombs, since they were 10km closer to the targets than the rest of the fleet, putting them close to 30-35km from the other fleet.  Now keep in mind bombs have a 30km range with a 15km explosion radius.  So really you can hit out to 45km with a bomb.  The match started and I immediately spanked my MWD towards the enemy fleet's cluster of ships, some 45+ KM distant.  Locking the Kitsune, Rook, Basilisk and our Brutix's for my med Armor rep drones.

Our bombs did hit, contributing damage across the board but mostly to the Rook and possibly the Kitsune.  I either finished off the Kitsune after the bombs hit or managed to oneshot it just before the bombs landed and as my webs were landing on it and the Rook.  The Rook was dead before I could cycle my guns on it(note the bomb damage on the killmail), so it was on to Sashade in the Basilisk.  Our focused fire picked the Basilisk off quickly, and the rout was on.  A single volley of cruise missiles struck my shields, taking them down to half, but their fire was the only time I was hit.  Georgena May was next, the first of three Ravens, neuted, webbed, now inside 29km.  Followed by sina241198.  And then Vulkan Prime.  We paused to loot, offering a laughable ransom in local of 1bil to destruct our ships as HYDRA had done before, but mainly to pass the time as we looted.  Twilight, extremely good natured to the end, said they were just one isk short, we would have happily accepted 999,999,999.00 but they declined, with their Nighthawk, Bubbajmac being the last to fall.

Some reports of us losing a SB to boundary violations were incorrect.  We returned all our ships to our hangars at the end of the match.

GF to STENT.  Good luck in your next match!

So enough of a recap, how about the fights that really surprised me?

- TB - losing their Flagship to HUN.  It's a rough loss and the first Flagship loss of the tourney.  Props for fielding the Bhaalgorn though, it takes guts, lots of guts, to put it out there in any match, let alone against a good group of PvPers like HUN!  I'm not sure if we had been in the same position we would have done the same.

STIM pilots in general (mainly because there are tons of SFites) don't really like Jade, so when T O R M E N T U M slapped them out of the park, it was a great thing to see!  Well for us at least, besides who can get tired of watching Jade die.  The setup I was so impressed with, forming around 3 Mach's doesn't look as invincible as initially thought when used to such good effect day 1. 

R.A.G.E stepped in(to replace Goons) with a very impressive showing against EVE ENGINEERING.  On short notice that was a great job.

The trend of non-flexible FCing continued into the second day, with certain teams calling bad primaries, or failing to correctly identify threats.

VOLTRON fielded the first flagship of the tourney, using it in style to drub the pilots of Honourable Templum of Alcedonia.  It was a very impressive and DPS heavy setup, made greater by the pinning power of the Bhaalgorn I know all too well.  Carnage like that, always fun to watch.

Jita-cam was great, but I wish they had setup Rens cam and Amarr Cam for fun. 

I can't wait to see the matchups in week 2, RK is currently ranked closed to the top by various people running the numbers so it looks like we will face some tough opposition next weekend.  I think we will either face .-A-. or Agony Empire in the next round.  .-A-. were very successful with the much emulated Tengu setup in the first day, Agony winning by default after Hydra suicided, but both ending up with a high number of points and very skilled pilots despite Agony's near loss.  I will post with my picks once the matches are released.

Side notes : Eve broke the PCU setting the new one at 60k users!  Just before the RK match, seems like someone was interested in us ;)

Also yesterday, my blog broke 50 visits in a day for the first time ever with 89 unique users connecting to the blog, an achievement for me at least, welcome to the blog peeps!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

AT8 Day 1, facerape is back

AT8 exploded back onto the scene and eve-tv yesterday.  The feed was reportedly up to 20gb/s, and the matches flowed (for the most part) smoothly from the get go.  I predicted a while back who I thought would win, and ended up batting a solid .500 on my predictions!  Hopefully I can turn it around today!

So to hit up some lowlights, I thought a few of my predictions were soured by poor FCing or just tough matchups.  The Noir fight was one of them where it seemed like they should have changed targets off the bait Basilisk once they realized what was going on, but it's a tough call there.  I would have changed targets early on.

With Mach prices already on the rise thanks to tourney, they have spiked thanks to the Red Overlord fight, who fielded an impressive team including 3 Mach's that absolutely dominated their match!

In LOLZ news, Hydra destroys all but the last ship of the Agony team, and then appears to ransom them for 3 bil to self-destruct to give Agony the win.  While it's not clear if anyone actually PAID the ransom, Hydra Reloaded did self-destruct or leave the arena, to get killed.  I think Hydra pulled this off to gain a better matchup in the "losers" bracket next weekend.  After killing so much so quickly, they pad their points nicely so if they sweep their next match, they stand a very good chance of moving on.

Today brings day 2, including the following notable matches

HUN Reloaded v The Tusker Bastards 

Honourable Templum of Alcedonia v WE FORM VOLTRON Who already won BTW


Rote Kapelle v Silver Twilight Enterprises

Friday, June 4, 2010

AT8 Flagship setups WHAAAA?

I have this set for list view so you can make heads or tails of it....

So some interesting choices in there, and some notable mistakes, Voltron as well as IISL made some kind of mistake in their lows and are given a chance to fix those mistakes, ON MONDAY so after the first round.  Other notables...

  • Almost every team or every other team is fielding a Bhaalgorn with varying fits, including us!
  • Cry Havoc is straying from their usual Domi's with a Navy Domi...
  •  Death From Above is bringing a Scorp as a flagship, with a light officer tank...
  • CVA is bringing a Bhaalgorn (blood raider ship) ironically named Heretic's Bane, Blood raiders aren't Amarr guyz ( I can hardly blame them though )
  • IRC's Mach is active tanked armor fit, should be interesting...
  • Some Bhaals are active tanked, so that should be rough keeping those things up and running!
  • SF's Scorp Navy issue is fit "interestingly" though I am sure SF will say I'm trolling, I wonder how it will fit in or if we will see it.
  • Tusker-Bastards forgot to name their ship!
Yeah that's pretty much all I got at this time, lots of, I'll be nice, discussion going on about the fits already!

<12 hours to tourney start, good luck all!

1500 GMT hurry up!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

13% chance of Survival, Gotta change that!

What is it that Meme time of the month again, or half year?

RJ, Mr. Mule Manasi, Nash, all the way back to Romeo...  Numbers are an interesting thing!

Logan Fyreite

BC Rank - 14,847

Lifetime kills - 647

Lifetime losses - 81

ISK Destroyed - 60,052,525,524

ISK Lost - 5,940,814,400

Favourite prey - Capsule

Ships lost most frequently - Capsule (see it's just retribution)

Total pods killed - 169 according to BC, I think that number is much higher.

Thanks to my extensive corp histories my STIM numbers look even less impressive!

Logan Fyreite

Corp Rank - #29 with 272 kills

Chance of enemy survival: 13.33%

Pilot Efficiency (ISK) : 93.67% 

I have 57 Kills from a Vagabond and 44 in a Taranis!  I never even knew I flew the Ranis that much!  I guess I just get lucky when I get in one of those.

My top solo kill was against this Rapier.  I was ratting, minding my own business trying to earn some capital.  PvP of course.  This was after the Damp nerf btw, anyways I am aligning to warp out and suddenly RAPIER.  I cancel warp (I was bumping off a roid anyways), he double webs/points me and I drop bouncers, then scoop those and drop Garde just as I lose lock thanks to the SD's he just dropped on me.  Garde's get mad, and he gets dead.  I have that warp disruptor on my Cynabal now!  And yes, it did sit in my hangar forever!

Man I need to get out there and kill more!

Speedy little fingers ("that's what she said")

Casiella, Kirith Kodachi, Jager Da, and EveClectic have posted their WPM speeds (most faster than mine!)...  But I digress, 63 WPM with 0 mistakes... yay me!

63 words
Give your hands a shot! Take the Typing Test

Took it again!  WEWT!

71 words