Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eve + eve = Super eve?

One of those things I have long thought of is how to make eve a better, specifically, larger, place.  Essentially, barring K-Space, Drone regions, and Black Rise, eve's about the same size now as when I joined.  Okay I guess looking at those spaces makes me think it is indeed much bigger, BUT the problem still stands that more % wise players have joined the game than those expanses of system additions can make up for.  To reflect this, when I joined the PCU record was 11k users, and perhaps 60k total subscribers.  Now it's somewhere to the tune of 4-5 times that amount, somewhere near 64k concurrent and who knows how many active accounts!

To me this plays into a lot of the problems I have with eve.  Now maybe this isn't the most fully thought out idea, but eve needs to be at least two times bigger.  two times is a pretty arbitrary number so let me clarify a bit.

High sec could likely be kept about the same size, perhaps each race could get one more Lonetrek sized region complete with highsec, stations, level 1-5 agents, ore, etc.  Spread out the massive clumps of similar quality L4 agents out a bit and drive separation of missioners to other area's.  This would help to spread out the majority of clumps of people in highsec, and let's face it, the industrialists new and old, would love to get the chance to find new places, markets and people to profit from.  The simple re-distribution of players from highsec alone would make tremendous sense.  

Extend this expansion to Lowsec as well, and especially Lowsec.  Right now risk is high because most of the well-known lowsec area's are quite honestly over-hunted, this doesn't mean there aren't fights to be had, but more fights between pirates than between people interested in defeating the pirates, there isn't any area for them to expand either.  Too many Hyena's and not enough calfs.  Doubling (or more) the space available to expand into and with less hunters the calfs could have a chance to multiply and perhaps dig in, providing more viable infrastructure and combat against pirates.

Nullsec suffers from similar problems.  Large alliance conglomerates hold at least 80% (that's an official Logan guesstimate) of the current 0.0 sov space, and there are really only 5 NPC controlled area's fo people who want to fight in 0.0 without being in sov space, (Curse, Syndicate, Parts of Venal, Great Wildlands, and Stain?)  Anyways, adding more space would allow alliances currently hanging onto the coat-tails of the NC or the Russians to expand out and find new space, and settle it.  Sure they would need to fight for it but make this space outside of jump range for Titans or supercaps and force them to build their own infrastructure for a bit before connecting it back into that type of warfare.  Anyways, this would make new power-blocks, and expand the eve shard.

As for WH Space, damn if I know CRAP about that.  Every time I have been there it's been to kill something or other, so double the space there would be pretty sexy too (amirite?).

The bottom line here is that even though Eve as a game has expanded by leaps and bounds; it has been outdone by the expansion of the player base.  Keeping the galaxy so, well to put it in easy to understand but inaccurate terms, small, is contributing to the criminal over-crowding in comparison to the sparse, bleak expanse it used to be(and should be).


+ More eve
Super Eve (Well okay, it's Eve Laurence, but we needed something sexy here)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Even better Logan this time.

I think I more accurately got Logan this time, thankfully without having to spend $10!

Oldest Logan Picture

Newer Logan

Newest Logan

Bit meaner, harder look...

Still no headspikes!

Tons of great new avatars out there.

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Image by Cass

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dev blog on re-changing your changed char portrait!

Check it out, but I'll spoil it all for you at the bottom

Dev blog

The Future
We will be introducing the ability to repeatedly recustomize characters in a future release. The current plan is to introduce this at the same time as we release tattoos, scars and piercings so players can take advantage of these new assets. We are still in the early design phase, so we don't have any more details at present. Expect a devblog explaining more in the coming weeks.

At least it is in dev stage, better get face spikes!!!

Not sure I like the new Logan

But he was as good as I could get him without better makeup/tattoo/SPIKES IN FORHEAD options!

Old Logan
New sexified Logan
At least I could still put on a mohawk!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Re: The Downward Spiral of Low Sec

I didn't want to post a big long response in reply to THIS.  So I tried just writing a few words in response, but once I got started I just couldn't stop.  So like Jager Da, I'm going to post it here instead.

Sadly the post is opinion and not fact based.  While it makes some quality points, perception being one of them, your underlying arguments are flawed and based only on the opinions/perceptions of the people you have read and the opinions you have formed because of that "research."

The pirate take of freedom is nothing but an illusion that continues to choke the life from Low Sec to this very day. They want freedom but no consequences for their actions. They want targets to shoot yet they offer nothing in return. 

In fact, most pirates offer services and opportunities for the enterprising entrepreneur. You just need to know where to look, who to talk to, who is trustworthy, and of course accept a margin of acceptable and profitable loss. I know of more than one industrialist that make incredible profits by supporting and supplying small to mid sized pirate corps with ships, and logistics that would otherwise be unavailable barring the use of alts. Black Frog is one good example and well known.

The thing that really makes me chuckle about your fact-based argument is when you take the time to call pirates, assholes,

The only place they can be an asshole and get flashy red in the process.

That sets the tone, the perception, if you will, of your entire argument. You perceive pirates as assholes so that is the idea that pushes the rest of your post.  Pirates just play the game differently than say a carebear.  Does that make them any more of an asshole than a bear?  or than any other player in the game?  no.

You, like the angry carebear who has just been killed in lowsec, are spreading the perception that lowsec is dangerous and impassible. I can't even recall the last time when I was carefully moving through lowsec that I died to a gatecamp, or a smartbombing BS.  It's only when I don't pay attention or just warp to 0 that I die in stupid ways, and even that hasn't happened in quite a while, despite my flailing attempts!

In my opinion you are falsely accusing lowsec of being higher risk than nullsec. To the unwary, who think of it as just a step down in risk from highsec, of course it is risky, you are going from a PvP with "flags" (wars, can flags, ninja's etc) area to one where you can be attacked at any time.  The same caution used in nullsec should also be used in low and last I looked IS BEING USED IN LOWSEC by those people who live there.

Maybe your argument would be more convincing if your said in the short term lowsec is more dangerous given the following,

1. you aren't using a scout or due diligence when transporting valuable goods through lawless lands
2. you don't do any research on how to survive or thrive in the lowsec area you are just about to try to live in.
3. you expect lowsec to be as safe as highsec around stations and gates.
4. you don't expect every T;D;H coming along to be actively trying to kill you.
5. you don't make contact with the pirates in that area to try to create an understanding or even scout them to see what their movement patterns are/engagements/foes/friends etc.

It would be like living in w-space, but never even opening your dscanner while you ran a site in a class 1 or 2 wormhole.  You are ASKING to be taken unaware and killed.  It's even worse than that, because you still have full local functionality.  There is approximately no reason for a smart mission runner or semi smart belt ratter to ever be caught in lowsec.  Just like in nullsec.

So why do you say lowsec is more dangerous than nullsec?  Is it because you are actively hunted in far greater number than in null, not really the truth given the numbers of roaming gangs we see in our corner of null.  Perhaps it's because there is a lack of an alliance or coalition wide intel channel letting you know 5 jumps before hostiles are on top of you, not that it's not just as possible to put a system like that in place on your own + friends in lowsec.  Even with that channel people still die.  Let's look at how lowsec is safer than nullsec.

In Lowsec there are always safe stations to retreat to, you can store your goods inside and there is nothing the pirates can do to get into them and take them from you or at the very least deprive you of access to those items.  Jump clones means you can leave your stuff there, completely safe and go off and do something else if the pirates in your area are determined to camp you in place.  Nullsec on the other hand see's changes of owners of station systems on a fairly regular basis. One could lose a fleet of ships there or if they manage a POS and their POS is put under siege they could lose just as much in CSAA's and corp hangars out there Not to mention moon-goo profits.

If you enter null with the same failures/assumptions of invincibility, you are going to die. Likely in the first null system you jump into because of the 24/7 camp that happens to sit there and the fact that you are just as fresh meat to them as you would be to pirates in lowsec.

Is lowsec dangerous? yes.  Isn't part of that question also supposed to be, is lowsec supposed to be dangerous?

Is lowsec broken? Perhaps to some it is. Could it do with some looking at, of course it could but then so could almost every aspect of every game created.  I might not say that everything is functioning "perfectly."  But neither is lowsec in a downward spiral.  Lowsec is still currently very similar to how it was when I first started playing.  a little worse in some area's and a little better in others.  But overall...

Lowsec survival links for those too lazy to go find them.

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