Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Warp speed accel changes

The best thing to happen to Eve in a long time.

It's never made sense that to get into warp it takes a inty the same amount of time as a BS or even a BC or hell, even a cruiser. Perhaps everyone doesn't get UP to warp speed as fast, that being 75% of top speed, but once there, everyone gets into and out of the warp bubble with such a marginal difference in spool up that it's negligible in the long term of an engagement or even warp between stargates.


CCP is pushing through a new change with Rubicon that is going to change the way fast tackle and forward scouting, not to mention pursuit of fleeting hostiles or BS targets will work.

In this video by dkcarlos, the true speed can be brought into focus. This is of course utilizing a Stiletto, with 2 t1 warp rigs, speeding along at 14 AU/s. It makes a complete 31 AU warp in roughly 10 seconds. Another video by GamingwithDaOpa, shows a side by side comparison between the new warp speed and what is currently on TQ.

Just to name a few reasons why this is going to be pretty amazing, now if a cruiser or BS slips from tackle and heads towards the nearest clestial or warp gate, before they would likely be able to escape, but now, even with a 5-10 second lead frigate class, especially the fast warping interceptors, will be able to not only catch up, but also overtake fleeing ships and fleets, able to land tackle and get kills. To offset that, greater coordination will be needed in large mixed fleets because of mixed warp times. No longer can that triple plated baddon scoot along only marginally slower than that AHAC fleet, it will no be a good 20-30 seconds behind on almost every warp.

Overall we are going to see a resurgence of people who specialize in fast tackle and specialized, read t2 warp speed rigged, inty pilots who will maximize every stat to shaving time off warps. On the downside, this does impact smaller fleets ability to disengage from larger blobs with tackle able to more easily catch up and lock down one or two at a time.