Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dissapearing through a WH and returning, loot laden

I get home from work yesterday and honestly just can't focus on writing my novel for NanoWriMo, so I log into TS and decide to move my new (and shiny) Loki from Stacmon to TXW.

As luck would have it Rote had a gang out so I hopped in their channel to hear if there was anything sexy going on. As it turns out they had just returned from a shield BC roam, where losses were to be had against Agony Empire, and had just probed out a active WH in a nearby system. By active I mean, has people in it, fighting sites, not sleeper sites.

I was already moving up the pipe from Stac to TXW at that point, and started to wonder if I was going to make it in time to participate. So I yelled at my ship to go faster, simultaneously startling my dogs with my enthusiasm.

I was able to land in the target system just as the order was given to jump through and engage. Now as usual, Rote has a habit of starting out with 5 guys interested in flying, and then 'suddenly' when there are kills to be had, fleet spikes from 5 to 15 quickly, so the fight was a lot less interesting than it could have been, but rape ensued!

It turns out that not only had we made a lucky catch, but we had incredibly lucky loot drops as well, check out the Tengu (I barely missed out on the killmail). Oh, and the Proteus. I think we let one t3 escape the slaughter grounds, then salvaged and looted the field, including the sleepers they were farming, and headed home, without even collapsing the WH and trapping people behind. (well I was impressed)

My webloki performed great, landing an extra point when needed and the much needed webs that I am sure the other t3's didn't appreciate. It does shit-all damage, but it's really there for the webs.

Now let's see what else I can get in on kills with using the Loki.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

107 posts, 107 mil sp

No, really, I planned this.

Okay maybe not.

So I am up to 107 mil sp with Logan, and have done pretty much everything I want to skill-wise with Logan, sub-cap. I would like suggestions with what to do next. Look at my skill sheet (now closed).

No I will not be training towards flying a Orca/Exhumer/freighter/supercap, but other possibilites include getting my electronics skills to 5, ie all the assorted ewar skills to 5 so I can be maxed out for TD's, damps, ECM, and TP. Other possibilities include Marauder 5, Command Ship 5, and all the assorted carrier and dread skills?

What do you guys think I should do next? I've gotten a lot of "shield comps to IV" so that is likely already on the list.

I will leave my sheet open to the public for a week or so and then lock it back down once I have chosen my path. One remap is available so I can always get out of the good ole leadership doing charisma set of attributes!

Here is my current skill breakdown for those who are interested.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Most winter expansion changes on Sisi!

So why aren't you already logging in there to help with that bittervets disease?

I was going to do a change list when I got home, but tgl3 beat me to it!

Go take a look on his post here.

The new Nebulae look amazing, a welcome change to Eve I think, Similar in scope to when they fixed how the planets looked. Now someone should fly over to WH space and see if there's identifying nebulae out there as well and if they can see any k-space nebulae from way over there!

Someone stole the cop car is the only thing that makes me sad about the changes, also known as the v3 changes to the Comet.

Looks like some kind of fish with a big attractor light on the top.