Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AT8 Teams announced!

Well it's that magical time of year again!  Where teams trying to get into the AT but didn't scream on the forums, and those who did get in prepare for hell.  This year the overall field looks strong!  Even stronger since Rote Kapelle made it in!

So many teams to root for, so little time.  Not to mention the wife not being happy when I broke the news to her that we made it in, she really doesn't like me waking up that early to go play INTERNET spaceshipzz!

In any case, the full list can be found here...  AT8 Participants.

Now, I get to look at each team and try to figure out how everyone will do!

A#1.  Rote Kapelle - Well obviously I would like to see us win this time, to avenge our poor showing at the last tourney!  With the outside chance I might be on the team makes this look even better!  gogo fail Kapelle.  Seriously though we have a LOT to prove, especially after last AT where I lost count of the mistakes after the first fight.

Everyone else...  That I actually know.

Against ALL Authorities - Great batch of pilots here, including Wensley, hope they do well against everyone but us, honestly I hope they aren't in our bracket!

Agony Empire - Teachers of some reportedly great pvp classes, and seem to have some good instructors and pilots, it will be interesting to see what they field.

Cry Havoc. - I'm starting to be a big fan of these gents as well.  But I used to hate them as ENH and Outbreak pretty much crapped all over one of my more favorite corps I was in.  Anyways I wish them luck!  They have some very capable pilots and have always made a strong showing AND good pvpee video's.

Curatores Veritatis Alliance - CVA, well I just hope they lose.  Wonder if they will show up golden fleet style?

Dead Terrorists - Out in Syndicate by us.

death from above.. - Apparently Jagerda's old alliance mates...

Electric Monkey Overlords - Know these guys from around the Groothese pipe.  Wonder if I will see anyone I remember in the fights?  Pretty horrible though, gate camping in dictors ftw, no idea how they are now.

Get Off My Lawn - Last time I saw these gents they were in our local, cloaking in SB, smack talking (yay) and doing bombing runs when they weren't trying to bait us into engaging a either overpowering fleet or trying to trap us.  Wish them luck because unless they have dramatically improved, they are going to need it.

GoonSwarm - Really?

HUN Reloaded - Always a solid team!  Won AT6 I think?

Huzzah Federation - It's spring so they must be reforming.. again

HYDRA RELOADED - Genos is scary, good luck out there!

Important Internet Spaceship League - They base in Syndicate pretty close to us so we see them on a regular basis.  That's all I'm gonna say

Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate - Really?  I thought IAC was mostly dead?

Noir. Mercenary Group - Our second fight AT 7, just barely lost to these folks!  Seems like we have seen at least one of the better alliances in combat before.  We also fought NOIR. about a year or more ago in Syndicate, though they weren't targeted against us, we did see them around so to speak, as much as you can see cloakers =)

Panda Team - gogo Josey Wales!

Pandemic Legion - What I would consider one of the favorites here and a great set of teams last year, we will see how they match up this year!

The Kadeshi - I remember these gents from last year, not sure why I remember them, but their name sticks with me.  Just looked at it and though they beat the Five last year, they were killed by Manifest Destiny... Battle Badger anyone?

The Star Fraction - Could be a very solid team with good financial backing, doesn't mean I have to like them!

The Tusker Bastards - Two effective pirate corps, so it will be interesting to see what they can do in what should be small gang pvp.

Ushra'Khan - Always root for UK since I hate CVA arrogance so much, not sure I care about them this year though.

Good luck to all!

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  1. tbh, can't believe manifest destiny were even in eve tourney last year. Had a look at their kb stats recently, they seem pretty shit