Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's on your HUD?

Misan Pal'Taek over at Serious Thukking Business Made a great post about proper setup of the UI.  I admired his UI screen shots and have to say I was a bit intrigued!

This is Misan's current and very elegant setup, well detailed and explained why everything is where it is.  Makes a whole lot of sense to me at least.  But then my overview is just a jumble, but it's a jumble that I know where shit is!  Mostly muscle memory at this point!

Speaking of, his setup is roughly the exact reverse of mine, where my radial(the circle with shield/armor/structure is what I call a Radial) is still down at the bottom middle in the "traditional" position, but who knows for how much longer!  I have my targets arranged above the radial, spanning from my overview on the right of my screen to and even under my scanner and local chat channel on the left, or at least when I have 10 targets locked.  My scanner sits next to my huge local chat window, ready for probes or d-scan.  I have my fleet window docked with my scanner since it is rare in combat to be using both at the same time.  My watch list is close to the top middle, slightly to the right corner.  Drones are under the overview as usual, but slightly smaller with no space between the overview and side of the screen since I don't look at the outlaying icons around the outside of the screen much.  As for chat windows, other than local, I keep the majority of my intel, corp/alliance chat at the top of the screen in the dead middle, minimized in combat along with fleet chat... use vent people!  My private chats and random channels I have in the lower right corner by my drones, keeping those minimized in combat as well.

So without further ado!  What does YOUR UI look like currently?  Why does it look like that?  I think I will be changing mine up soon, so stand by!  

So this is basically what I have on a regular basis, everything not minimized.
 And then below is what I try to keep in combat, except I forgot to close out the random chats window this time!


  1. LOL! I am honored to have made the diagram :) Looks like I even got primary. All this fuss for little old me!

    Mine is a kind of combination of both of the above. I'll post on it when I get a chance.



  2. Good post m8, I move mine around so much I'm not sure exactly where everything is at the moment. Plus I'll have to wait until I have a bunch of reds locked before I take a good picture, shouldn't have to wait long.

  3. It's just very interesting to see how other people organize their overviews in general. I used to watch PvP video's and then look at their setups and think to myself, "well now that makes a whole lot more sense than the way I have it!"

    I'm looking forward to, hopefully, seeing a lot more overviews out there!

  4. Love the GIMP art, hehe.

    Interesting setup, not sure I could adapt myself to minimizing channels though, I like to distract myself far too much.