Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Letrange makes some great points in his blog about the status of super-deep safe's.  It is still relevant even after CCP has promised to re-look at their solution.

I had a few or rather couple problems with their implementation of the said change.  They could just move all ships outside the 10AU wall back to a station in system or nearest station in the case of 0.0.  They have done the same for Titians when they were stuck coming out of the cap array initially so it is possible.  Or leave them in space just remove the bookmark, and 3 below should cover the rest.

This would be my suggested fixes :

1.) Prevent bookmarking while on a E-warp, obviously when you come back online.
2.) remove all 10+ AU, or even 50+ AU, from system core Bookmarks.
3.) prevent BM creation at more than 100 AU from the outskirts of the solar system.
4.) E-Warp current ships out in a deep deep safe back to a 75 AU safe at random, or put the ships in station.

1) prevents the current mechanic from working anymore
2) gets rid of all the really really deep safes but leaves some that are closer to the system intact
3) prevents even more deep safes from being created... well ever.
4) prevents "I lost my stuff" or "I'm gonna lose my stuff" tears, though they are delicious!

DO NOT prevent warping out that far! what happens if I make a BM right on the 10AU boundary and then fly the extra .1AU am I suddenly unable to be scanned or if scanned down unable to be warped to?  Don't you think someone (goons) are going to find the very last KM they can make a Bookmark to and then BM that and fly the 1km deeper into their new shiny ultra safe!  I guess that is my main problem with the current idea, it could still be scammed.  By setting up hard rules, it only allows for future abuse.  Keep the rules fluid and profit!

Bottom line deep safes need to be removed from the game.  They allow too many easy escapes, too many CS in space safe from destruction and such a easy out for anyone who wants to stay safe regardless of shiptype, it really makes no sense and is an exploit of the game mechanics.

In no way does the solution need to feel like or look like a giant space wall!  Speaking of...

I imagine it would look like this!


  1. the implementation currently being use nothing past 10AU ( sun to the outermost celestial item) will be saved. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that , why should we have 100 AU as the distance? Yes titans and other ships that cannot dock , and or can then be stolen if left somewhere, need something to protect them but why 100AU?

    I like idea number 1
    I do not understand your item 2
    Item 3 i covered above :)
    why 75 Au for number 4?

  2. Heya Mule,

    Well I selected 100AU as my number of choice because it gives what I will call "a little elbow room." With my item one I prevent the current abuse of the game mechanics to make deep safe's anyway, so putting an arbitrary number out there like 100AU gives the impression that there is still a lot of space beyond the systems planets, but lacks a current way to get to it.

    Item 2 is just removing all bookmarks that are currently in game that are outside of 10-50AU of the planets outer edge as discussed in the CCP Dev Blog. I think I just stated it badly. Everyone was just worried about mission sites etc, so 10AU seemed a little close. I have had times where a mission took me 25AU away from the outer edge of the solar system, especially in the case of escalation sites.

    As for 75AU then titans and supercaps logged in space currently won't come back in the game inside immediate scanprobe range and thus be tackled too quickly to make good on an escape. I still think they should allow motherships to dock :)