Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What don't I have in my hangar?

Rixx Javix, author of EVEPGANDA, aka the Famous blobber, just couldn't resist, asked in one of his posts “What is in your hangar?”.

I have 72 fit and unfit combat ships in my two hangars...  Of these ships I have 61 different combat classes/hulls represented.  So it is more like what don't I have?

But I will update the highlights!

2 x Curse, called Evil EYe and Evil eYe, fit mostly best named and t2, non-FC small gang support ships, sometimes solo when I can get away with it.

1 x Cynabal, New addition, the name is cool, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it is right now...  ummmm pretty sure it is named Hermóðr.  I haven't flown this in combat yet, but it looks pretty sexy, and is fit well enough!  Looking forward to trying out the three or four other fits I have my eyes on for it!

1 x Huginn, unfit, but looking for work

1 x Pilgrim, Nasty Surprise, built to withstand some punishment, still an old ship, built to rat and or pick off ratters deep in 0.0, not a great fleet ship.

1 x Rapier, E-Brake, Fit but still alternating between losing time to the Curse, and Cynabal.

1 x Scimitar, Scimisave!  Fit with my nice Logistics V skills to keep pilots alive.  However I don't use it as much as I should!

1 x Guardian, Saveyourassasaurus, Built with cap circle jerk in mind.  Definately greatful to have Logi V on this thing.

2 x Crusaders.  Unfit currently, but they are fun!  Will be named Hydra III and IV

2 x Taranis.  Apparently my favorite ship type!  Who knew!  Maybe I just tackle the most bullshit in them and get in on the most killmails with them...  Have to name them as a different female porn star (male porn stars for the Diemost)

A few RRBS (Mega, Tempest, Domi, Typhoon and geddon) and one maybe two(apoc and Tempest) Fleet BS sniper fit in case I ever find use for them.

50 exotic dancers...  Okay maybe NOT ships, but useful for long roams, especially Crystal and Bambi, they do... well, I'll leave THAT up to your imagination.

A comment from me on POS shooting . . .


  1. I match your 50 with my 1900 stored in Egbinger.

    That used to be over 2000, but combat has its toll. In my case, in babes.

  2. Damn Sard,

    I can barely keep my 50 fed, and not angry at me, you have some dancer-foo!

    I should hire more and share them with my crews!