Monday, July 12, 2010

Sexy and Shiny

Feared pilots across New Eden are only enhanced by the ships they fly.  Thanks to a great listing by Kirith, there have been many other bloggers displaying what they think are the top five badass looking Pirate ships or rather, for me, ships in Eve.

Let's start it off with #5!

#5 Has to be the beautiful but ultimately difficult to fit, fly and use Navy Omen.  It's the short range brother of the Zealot, packing quite a punch and a small drone bay to boot, but its look is just one of pure sex appeal.  Hire extra crew to keep all that chrome polished!

#4 the so ugly it's sexy (in my opinion) Vagabond.  While I love this beast, I can say that it is far from the most sexy ship in the game, but for me it's still close to the top despite it's flying Vulture/Chicken look some claim it has.

#3 has to be the sleek black sex appeal of the Curse!   All neuts NOS and drones, speedy and shield tanked.  I miss the extra thruster it used to have in the back, but none the less, still just another sexy variation of the sleek Yarrbitrator hull.

#2 Guns bristling, lazors pewing, there is no substitute for the sex that is the Crusader!  One of a few frigate class hulls to house 4 gun slots, the Crusader shows them off well, hanging them from wing to wing, dripping menace and death.  While it is a difficult ship to fly just right, and a harder one to fit outside the cookie cutter setups usually employed, the Crusader is still damn sexy!

#1 my all time favorite Pirating boat, the Rupture.  While recent graphical changes have limited it's previously even more sexy rear-Castle, the Rupture retains it's 19th century Warship vibe, giving it the broadside needed to finish first in my list.  It also helped that I flew it near constantly for over a year I liked it so much.  I always imagined throwing crazy parties, while waiting for targets to show up or just after they did, all housed in the rear of that fine ship.

Others chattering about the same topic :

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I will try to keep updated if more people post the same, but I'm not promising anything!

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