Saturday, June 11, 2011

AT9, group stages, round 1.

So just because Rote Kapelle was put out in the second round, that's no reason to stop covering AT9!!!

Good fight to our opponents, our setup was banking that they would not bring the setup that they did, or the more common 3x tengu setup, our gamble failed and as you could tell, our setup didn't work out all too favorably in our favor.  Now this week has been busy for me so I will be guessing the match winners in the shortest fashion possible this time, while still retaining some thought as to how they did so far.

This should keep this post from taking 2 days to write as well, especially since AT9 starts up again in about an hour!

15:00 The Kadeshi vs. The G0dfathers - G0ds did well in their second match, I think the Kadeshi might be the slight underdogs here, but still manage to win.

15:20 Get Off My Lawn vs. Wildly Inappropriate - LAWN, gotta love those guys, fought back into it and will manage to win this one as well.

15:40 Perihelion Alliance vs. Vanguard Imperium - Perihelion made a believer out of me, 10v10's tend to be a bit harder than the 5v5 slugfests of the two last weeks and Vanguard did great the first two weeks as well, this will be a match to watch on the first day, if not the match to watch.

16:00 Sev3rance vs. Paisti Syndicate - I'm surprised to see Sev this far, Paisti is more their match and will carry the day this time.

16:20 Negative Ten vs. Against ALL Authorities - -A- has looked strong so far, I'll give this win to them.

16:40 Raiden. vs. DarkSide. - Raiden. came back in week two to win and advance, nice work gents.

17:00 Ushra'Khan vs. Pandemic Legion - What a bad matchup for the first round for U'K against PL.

17:20 Unaffiliated vs. HYDRA RELOADED - At least our Syndicate bro's made it through, okay they aren't our Bro's but have a very hard matchup vs Hydra, good luck.


18:20 Lack Of Immagination vs. Black Legion - Black Legion made it through! Should be a good fight.

18:40 Nulli Secunda vs. B A N E - meh, don't really care either way here, sorry guys.

19:00 Aggravated Assault.. vs. WE FORM VOLTRON - VOLTRON, I liked their name last year, nothing has changed.

19:20 POWER OF TWO vs. The R0NIN - Another good match I think, and definately one to watch, POWER I think will win, but barely.

19:40 White Noise vs. RvB - Red Federation - Yay red-fed!

20:00 Babylon 5.. vs. SOLAR FLEET - Crap, running out of time!

20:20 Circle-of-Two vs. RAZOR Alliance - Bring more shineys!

20:40 Wild Boars vs. Outbreak - Go Outbreak!

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