Thursday, February 9, 2012

Syndicate AT First weekend recap.

After some serious organizational work by Apathetic Brent of STIMULUS and Rote Kapelle, the first weekend of the Syndicate Regional Alliance Tournament or SRAT for short, I just came up with that needs a better nick name, was held in XYY, with various Alliance teams all from the Syndicate region competing in a double elimination Bracket based tournament centered around last year's AT rules. One of the main changes is that Tier 3 battlecruisers are 15 points, just one point less than CS but two more than a tier 2 BC. The current bracket can be found here updated by the SRAT organizer Apathetic Brent.

pBump was nice enough to stream the event for those interested, and here's the run down,

No sound. Fights in the stream are timed thusly : Winners are highlighted

27:25 - Flying Dangerous vs. Narwhals (midway through - we had to probe out the location to get eyes)

Whole match from the Ref's perspective.

Killboard links Flying Dangerous and Narwhals. (Can't find the Narwhals kill-board.)

45:22 Groon vs. Flatline.

Ref's view here.

Flatline Scimi view here

Killboard links Groon and Flatline. (both BR are confused with their two matches.)

1:17:30 Flatline. vs. Rote Kapelle 

Can also be watched through an RK Sleipnir's point of view

Or the RK Scimitar.

RK Killboard linky

Flatline Killboard. (Battle report shows both Flatline matches.)

1:49:55 Groon vs. Narwhals

Killboard of Groon (BR confused with their two matches.)

Standings are as follows:

Flying Dangerous 1 win 0 losses
Rote Kapelle 1 win 0 losses
Flatline. 1 win and 1 loss
Groon 1 win and 1 loss
Narwhals 0 wins and 2 losses (not sure if eliminated at this point, should be.)

The bracket has not been recently updated, but I will add a shot of it to this post when it is added.

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