Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AT X Ruleset and Dates released

Wow, it's already that time of the year again. You know, where your alliance starts to see more bitter old vets showing up.... More time on Sisi than on TQ.

Ridiculous security measures around fits and training, fleet comps and idea's.

Yep, that's right, CCP has just released dates and the ruleset for AT X!

Okay, I'm a fool about the AT, I practice with my Alliance, try to support the team as I can, if not monetarily this season then by pissing off my wife to make practices. I mull brackets, post predictions, look at possible setups. Just 8 weeks to go, people better get started.

Notable changes from the dev blog from AT 9 to AT X,

6 vs 5 ship limit in the prelims. 50 points cap

12 vs 10 ship limit in the final qualifiers. 100 points remain though, so more ships, but no more points

Tier 3 BC's are worth 12 points, to Tier 2 BC's 13. That will fit for a maximum of four tier 3 BC's (48 points) for prelims. Four Talos' anyone?

No "ALT" Alliance teams. CCP plans to keep a lid on this practice to prevent the same Alliance winning twice as it were. Prevent a re-peat from last year, encourage better competition. Not sure this will fix the Outbreak vs GENOS problem from last year as they weren't really alt alliances of each-other. Just practiced together.

More rules breakdowns and AT fun to come!

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