Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Mittani... DOT COM

All right, I have to admit, I knew about this site yesterday, but the name alone turned me off from checking it out. I was worried it was just going to be another goon circle-jerk site, or worse, direct ramblings from The Mittani that are of little interest and even less content (to me).

However this morning I was looking around the Blogosphere and found that some other people had gone to the site and were giving it some good reviews. I decided that based off their reviews, I would at least give it a fair shot. Okay, maybe not so fair, but nothing could be worse than where Eve-News 24 went to.

The site is well put together, crisp and straight lined for ease of reading, and that is a nice change. Not dominated by ads or attempting to get my account details. In fact in reading one of the first posts up at the site, it became apparent that the site wasn't even setup by The Mittani, and was in fact created because he is such a "icon" one way or another in the Eve universe. I'm sure he doesn't mind to have a Eve online news site dedicated in his name.

The articles represented so far were solid pieces even if some of them covered previously trodden ground. A worthy addition to my RSS feed if nothing else...

And thus I found the site's main weakness, no RSS feed.

Now I know that 50+% of my readers come here via RSS so it's just a silly oversight needed to make the Mittani site that much better. Fortunately and probably wisely, the contact us button on the site works great and I was able to leave my feedback to add an RSS feed to the site post-haste. Until then, head on over their site, it's worth a read.

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