Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gevlon's changing post...

Well looks like even he knew he was wrong, but was just too proud to admit it. Today I wake up to another new set of comments on yesterday's post (thank you) and then went to read my morning Eve info dump and noticed the quick mention of Gevlon changing his post from yesterday. Well I just had to go take a look, I mean after all, I'm sure it was just minor changes....

So, his changes.... let's take a look.... Hmmmm, a mostly new paragraph close to the top with actual numbers replacing his fo-statistical analysis the had at the bottom of yesterday's post. Honestly I am surprised he didn't break them further down into percentages.... what else?

He removed a few graphs that didn't really show anything. And added a few more lines to his analysis on the graph I pointed out yesterday... but just to make it clear that the reason WH players have a higher average loss isn't because they have more expensive ships. OH NO! It's because they get caught in their bling PvE ships and get ganked more often! Of course, how could I have been so dumb?!

I mean other than that whole "High isk losses are always PvE" losses mechanic that he has thrown in there, that isn't, hmmmm, whats the word.... true.

So let's quickly delve into why WH losses are on average more expensive. Where I fly, I tend to do a lot of small gang warfare, but not really on the same "level" as WH small gang warfare, where you need to make every module, every single percent count because WH's limit the mass you can bring through. In WH space it actually does make sense to pimp as much as possible.

This turns a usually 2 bil isk Bhaalgorn into easily a 7 bil isk Bhaalgorn because those extra few percent more cap drain or percent more resists can, and do, more often turn the tide of a small gang battle. Gevlon likely doesn't understand this because he's never been in a small fight where those kind of percents matter. His eyes are so focused on Nullsec fights that he may not yet comprehend that there is a whole other level of fighting going on out there that he is not aware of.

So then spread that across the most used hulls in WH space, Tech 3 strategic cruisers, whose hulls and subsystems alone usually cost 500m isk, unfit, then you quickly get above the 1 bil isk mark on these ships with all that extra bling packed int here, be that bling for PvP or PvE for that matter. In short WH ships are more expensive because by FUNCTION they need to be more capable. Hopefully that's not hard logic to follow.

The other funny assumption that is still left in Gev's article....? That all of highsec is more dangerous than WH space, you know, because living in backward ass Amarr highsec, with 2 other people in local, at MAX is scarier than say, any WH system. When a "level of dangerousness" scale implies that the above is true and then is claimed to be fact. Well let's just say that doesn't hold up too well..

Also, lest I not forget, here were some great points made in my comments yesterday -

Azual ( of the blog The Altruist )  - "Jita sees about 6x the number of kills per 24 hours as Rancer (a notoriously permacamped lowsec pipe system), but you're far far more likely to get killed in Rancer than in Jita. It would make much more sense to analyse kills per resident or kills per jump, at which point I expect WH space would rank much more highly."

Anonymous - "I would like to see people like Gilgalaad or some of the folks in the Eve Uni trade chat to publish their knowledge about the market in a blog.

The knowledge itself is largely available, those guys give it for free, however a blog is a much more accessible way to learn about it."

I too would like to see more blogs about trading since I find that stuff pretty good reading. I did some station trading, what seems like ages ago now, but mostly meta 4 module trading, and made a huge profit while never leaving Jita 4-4. Lazy in my old age I suppose.

There were tons of other good comments, but mostly about how shitty Gevlon is as a source of information for things other than Market trading, and wishes that more people would take up that mantle. Even one great comment from the Gevvie himself. But I'll let you go read that off the article if you haven't seen it already!

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