Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SCL4 - Fourth Tournament announced.

With ATXI now in the books, it's time to get back to the excitement that is the SCL. Fourth iteration for the SCL is starting the weekend of September 14th and 15th. Full details can be found on the post by community rep for the SCL, Aegon Blackfire, in the Eve Alliance tournament subform.

A quick breakdown of the ruleset follows:

  • Teams will be 10 players, as opposed to the 12 in ATXI, and point limit for teams will be 85 points versus the 100 for the AT.
  • Energy transfers will be limited to logistics ships to cripple the remote energy "tinker" teams that slowed much of ATXI down, and had a significant impact in SCL3.
  • Tournament prize ships cannot be used, mostly because the SCL takes place on a test server, so everyone would have access to the prize ships, making it even less realistic.
  • 12 teams will compete with the top four from SCL3 being granted slots, while the other 8 slots will be picked at random, should there be more than 8 remaining entrants.
  • 1b isk entry fee to be paid on TQ after teams are selected to participate, which will be rolled into the prize fund.
  • Double elimination series similar to ATXI will be employed. (hopefully with something to break up the finals so it's not one match per hour)
  • Banning rules will be in effect from the first match.
More specific details can be found on the thread but the usual website for the SCL is offline. Bracket can be found here.

When more is announced I will cover teams as well. Until then, get your applications in and your banning strategies ready.

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