Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A good new look

So after much messing about with the ever so painful Blogger tools to update the look of the blog, I have settled on a new look!  I know everyone can tell given that you are reading this via RSS but come on over and check it out.

Thanks to Rixx Javix for the beautiful work done for my Alliance that translated so smoothly into a nice image for this site.  Go check out his blog and other assorted amazing work over at EVEOGANDA.

Coming soon I plan on figuring out another quality post like the Vagabond guide, maybe a different ship, or a different topic, but first I have to figure out what!  Until then I'll just go back to being mostly silent while the holiday season kills my playtime!


  1. How about Command Ships? I don't believe I have ever read a good review/guide on them before. Just a thought.

    And while I will always be bummed that it didn't get picked, just because I hate to lose, I am pleased she did find a home somewhere. I suspect she is looking off at my blog, she is a minx that way.

  2. I would but my leadership skills are very lacking at this point, though I do plan on spending some time to upgrade them and to be honest, I've never had any luck while flying the Sleipnir, Astarte, Abso, or Nighthawk to feel comfortable writing a guide about any of those. I like the idea's though!

    That dirty little harlot, I'll just have to mirror the image to have her looking the right way if that's the case!