Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a weekend...

Horray, for the first time in seemingly ages I was able to take most of the weekend off and actually get some playtime!

I logged in when I got from home and was able to head on over to some fertile hunting grounds in a support role, giving two buddies a hand in a scimi, evening the odds a bit and scoring a few kills while they were at it.  The back to TXW once that fun died down, or blobbed up as the case may be.  Tiwa was about to head to bed when he noticed a blip of people in Espigore, 2 jumps into lowsec from TXW, a Rooks and Kings Carrier doing a Level 5 or something like that...  anyways,

A general call for help was put out and of course we responded in force, nothing like a cap kill to bring out the troops.  We guessed RandK were trying to bait in our caps, the joke being on RandK since we didn't need any caps to kill that carrier.  Well and their Falcon was a bit slow on the draw/cyno drop...  They showed up in Vestouve in force as we headed home, a couple of carriers and BS, I had already passed them, but they were unable to land a tackle on any of us and we made it back to TXW safely.

So after nerding up before the wife got home, I took time to welcome her come and have some dinner and then rejoined comms to see I had just missed the friday night blob fleet, shield BC's.  Damn it, had to catch up in a Dramiel arriving just before the first big fight of the night...  Props to the peeps in NM- (Valor Empire) for undocking to face us.  Our gang comp was a bit better than theirs, as can be the case when a roaming, pre-planned fleet faces up against a hasty home defense fleet, the fight was very fun, the best of the night!

I had to keep mobile, but I had my dram properly fit, that is dual prop, and was able to avoid being tackle and killed when diving through their undock to land tackle, DPS etc...  Never even had to use my MWD, as an aside; Dramiel's are just stupid fast.

We had our first major disappointment of the night when our fleet of about 20 landed opposite another, similar fleet of about 20.  They refused engagement because "they were there to hunt TEST, and would happily join us in a fight aginst TEST."  I was pretty "disappoint" at that point because our fleets were similar with the exception that they held a bit of the EWAR advantage and we had 4 suddenly Tempests in our fleet augmenting our BC DPS (and Usagi's Tengu).  I think we would have steamrolled them as well and that might be part of my frustration but I just wanted to fight.

FORTUNATELY FOR US, TEST came to the rescue and was more than willing to send in the drunk-gang!  Not that we used the other gang's help, we managed their drunk fleet handily.  Masses of t1 frigates littered my screen as we jumped through, with a smattering of t1 cruisers.  It ended, well, predictably. I think a TESTie put it best when he said something like It's a good thing we had to pull off, clearly we were too good for you.

After that we just made best speed for TXW.  All that in just one night of playing Eve, man I missed this game.

Saturday I logged in and headed down to Stacmon since our alliance is pretty dead during my early morning, jumping in my bits and pieces shield rupture I headed out to lowsec and made it a whole 1 jump out of Stacmon before the ROOS decided to try to kill me with a gatecamp.  Thankfully their Devoter missed me by something like 4 meters and I was able to make the gate in low structure to jump back into Stacmon.

Angry and happy to have targets I swaped out to an Abaddon and was warping into the Ostingele gate when another of my Alliance mates said hello and we joined forces to wipe out the evil ROOS!  It didn't go great, but my two losses were easily recouped by the single kill we managed, a pimpy Devoter.  Around then I roamed around a bit more, trying to find something else to kill in lowsec before logging off to start my actual weekend at home.  I came on a bit later but ended up going out and drinking with the wife and her hot friends, so who can blame me!

Sunday I came online mid-afternoon and found time to try to get some kills with Rixx over close to our neighbors, but they wouldn't play even though ALMOST got a drake at the undock.  His friends were too scared to even agress us, except him and this one Apoc with really long ranged Mega Pulse II's that could only hit my curse when I wasn't dampening him, or more accurately when I missed the damps, hey I was at 100km alright!  So judgy!

A little later on a couple FA guys were trying to corner a Drake in NG- their two turned into 13, and they failed to get anyone though they did trap myself and the Drake in NG- while they sat on the TXW gate...

Once a response fleet was formed we did a little gate shifting, our fleet ending up on the TXW gate with them on the TXW gate in NG-.  The hunters had become the hunted.  They made the valiant charge into us, but to no avail, we held the field and managed to catch most of those who lived as they tried to escape to 5-F.

After that I decided that I had better log off BEFORE I did something horribly stupid and thus ended my weekend on a high note.

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