Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Followers abound and breaking most visits in a day

So I promised myself mostly that when I hit 30 followers I would say something about it.  I was looking through those who follow my blog and found many people who's blog I read on a consistant basis,

Sard Caid - Who's blog was the first I read, and got me into the idea of blogging, while he was playing around as a part of Rote Kapelle. Still a good read even though it's rarely updated. Also introduced me to Flashfresh's blog, the Blog pack, Raxip Elamp's blog and many others.  

Raxip Elamp - as mentioned above he was one of the first blogs I read and damned if not entertaining. Raxip and I share a "special" relationship of undisclosed status (even to us). Now go write some more of your fiction!

Flashfresh - Another early read, keeping me entertained for quite a long time, another great read.

Rixx Javix - Of course someone I consider a friend, and the artist/writer of Eveoganda, recently added to the ranks of Rote Kapelle, of course enjoying his corps trial period!

Lady Shaniqua - She writes a very entertaining blog over at http://ladyshaniqua.blogspot.com/.  I follow her exploits with an interest that can only be categorized as stalker-ish.

Cebit - Who's good looks (and nice kills) keep me coming back to his blog, http://cebit.evepress.com/

Shalee Lianne - Writes two blogs, one IC and one OOC(but eve related for those who aren't lolrpers), incidentally she needs to get back into updating both her blogs =P  http://shaleelianneirl.blogspot.com/ and http://amarrian.blogspot.com/

Eve SOB - Found his blog on one of my lazy days passing through the eve blog lists over at http://www.evebloggers.com/ and haven't been able to give it up since. He's even got a pet name for me that makes me sound even more overweight than I already am... BBW. Great blog, keep it up.

Arrhidaeus - Blogs on http://antiquityinspace.blogspot.com/, or Cogito Ergo Yarr.  Has a very entertaining writing style and is much better than Hallan Turreks eve-blog!

Mynxee - Of course everyone knows Mynxee now, but it wasn't always that way.  Her blog is still a great read, http://lifeinlowsec.blogspot.com/

The musings of the man behind Ecliptic Rift, Always entertaining even if he operates in an entirely different perception of the Eve universe than I do.  His views keep me thinking and expand how I think about the game.

Laedy - Her wonderful blog, Laedy in Red.  I liked her more in MH ;)

Too many others also follow me and write great blogs, people like Kishin Hattori, a true pirate.  Myrhial Arkenath, Dairy of a pod pilot.  Quivering palm of The Planet Risk Show, something I wish I had more time to follow.  Kirith Darkblade, Who I hope hasn't left eve!  Romeo Blakstorm, who has swapped over to being Oxidizing Agent, his blog is also lacking for updates.  Miura Bull, of Brutor Bullfighter.

And to all the others, well you are basically unimportant.  No, I kid, gotta love Noam, Crazy Kinux, Dante, Astrial Stargaze, and Kalaratiri.

A special shout out to one of my oldest readers who's never once complained or commented, and I have no idea who he is, a round of applaus to Zuke Prime!

In any case, thanks for reading my bog and I will try to keep the semi-sporadic updated coming.

I have to say that just one mention from Eveoganda and my google analytics stats started to look like Mount EVErest.


  1. Yay, unimportant me! Thanks for the shoutout :)

  2. I really should update some time™.


  3. Myrhial - my pleasure, great blog by the way, thanks for the fanfest breakdown, I still wish I could have made it, but that weekend was very satisfying in a playing-eve sort of way!

    Kalaratiri - My pleasure, so please expand, who are you? got a blog? who do you fly with?

    Sard - I know you are out there having crazy adventures and JUST NOT SHARING!!!! I see you online all the time, well okay not all the time, but at least enough that I know you are killing shit. So break out some of those stories. o7

  4. Thanks for the plug here Logan! Wishing you a swift journey to 60 followers \o/

  5. I do have a blog, but I don't update it that often, usually I just read other peoples. I fly with Electus Matari, (which means that Sard hates me on principle) and spend most of my time chasing Amarrians down in the bleak lands.

  6. Thanks for the mentioning here, SOmehow missed your blog in the sea of all of them out there.
    WIll be adding up a link as soon get back home and check in here for some great new posts.
    Cya out there :-)


  7. Kalaratiri - Jeeze you could have left a link to your blog you know! Then I can pester you there about updating it. I think we all hate EM on principle ;). Good luck down in the Bleak Lands!

    Cebit - My pleasure, there's too many good blogs out there to get them all but nice when you find one a new one.

    Kishin - if getting to 30 is any indication, I can expect about another 2 years before I get to 60!

    MB - my pleasure!

  8. I've been following your blog for ages, except through google reader instead of the blogger "followers". You know, that "Followers" list that blogger provides is really quite deceiving. It only shows people that have chosen to subscribe through the "follow" button there. Google reader statistics actually informs me that you have 423 subscribers to your blog:

    Here's a screenshot:


  9. Laedy - You make valid points! I thought you were already "following" though, at least you were at some point but then somehow you dropped off the list. Love your blog as well. I didn't know you could see subscribers on reader statistics. Good to know. Well hello to all you wonderful peeps following this blog!

  10. You're already following it :) http://kalaratiri.blogspot.com/

  11. well sh!t! Thanks for the linkage. I've greatly enjoyed both following and being folowed by the Big Bad Wolf. reminds me, ZombiNutz still need to travel to the fringe of "safe" space and die at the hands of the BBW.

    I need to post more, but making billions in highsec is not such an inspired profession to blog about.



  12. OMG thanks Logan! <3 fo eva.

    Seriously, nothing makes me happier than hearing that someone actually likes my stuff. Keep it up bro, Good stuff here.