Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AT9 Weekend 1 results!

I was so right! Well only 65% right I suppose(21/32).  The first week was exciting, a dangerously close match for RK that left me wishing for more points was of course the highlight for me, but there were other good matches to be had.

The two Red vs Blue teams had no luck in their two difficult matches, and now it looks like Rote will get the honor of matching up against the victorious Perihelion Alliance in the next round, well given that the AT standings don't shift before then. Any team with two wins will automatically qualify to go on to the finals, so we will both be gunning for the win to get there.

Current standings are Here. Be warned, CCP has already made one or two mistakes (since corrected) that have shifted things around a bit, so I will wait for the official announcements, hopefully soon this week before breaking down the upcoming match-ups.

I have to eat a bit of crow here, first, Bacon Gaming Fortress Syndicate, you managed your upset nicely, crushing the setup fielded by NCdot. This proves what I had already assumed was a known fact, that being, EWAR, expecially ECM, based setups have a high chance of failure in the 5v5 rounds. Too much ECM in this fight meant not enough DPS, and I am sure every time they missed a jam, they lost a ship. Good job to Bacon, good luck in the next round, you look to be facing off against The Kadeshi, a challenging matchup if there ever was one. Kudos to Vanguard Imperium for their win vs MM.

Clockwork Pinapple, well let's just say you didn't do so well against the sharp (har har) pilots of Razor. You dropped down to the low bracket list, and have a very small chance of advancing, how could you!

Capital Punishment, I think this quote says it all, "Ynot Eyob also wanted to thank the -CAP- team for a good fight, but admitted that his team won due to intel on the kind of ships the -CAP- team would field." Gotta keep a lid on those setups!

Some notable losers included TEST, Goons, MM, Chained and Controlled Chaos. Better luck next match.

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