Friday, May 13, 2011

A Bittersweet Date

The door slid closed behind me, rustling slightly against the metal around it, otherwise, quiet. Sadly so. I took a few steps into the room before grabbing the nearest thing that could break. The blossom of glass against the steel wall made me smile until I realized I had just destroyed the only glass in the room. Not sure if I was mad because there was nothing else to break, or because I had nothing else to pour my whiskey into.

Ah well, the whiskey bottle fit in my hand well enough, the cap didn't explode nearly as nicely as the glass had. I contemplated shooting it as the liquid slid over my tongue, taking some of the sting off the day, but not all. I sunk into a chair, glumly staring out at my hangar bay.

The past few weeks I had been spending more and then more time around Usagi. At first, admittedly, it had just been nice to have someone to talk to. Though usually our conversations started and ended in abrupt, strange ways. I didn't mind, after all, while the company was nice, the scenery was better.

We had made plans to celebrate VETO arriving in TXW, well once alliance command allowed us to. One of their few restrictions had been to gag us on their arrival until they had all made it. I had cornered Usagi into coming down to The Last Gate with me, but we had both missed out on Saturday night.

By the time Tuesday rolled around I had recouped enough courage to ask again. I met her, walking up to her quarters as she was leaving. My eyes move over her body as she walked towards me, a purposeful gleam in her eyes, alongside a small lack of focus.

We walked in silence until we arrived at TLG, I was just trying to stay confident and not stumble in front of her, or worse, into her, at this point.

I headed to the bar for some more liquid courage, with Usagi just behind me. I took a whiskey, but Usagi, already several ahead of me, it seemed, took something stronger. I turned to see Raxip approaching from further down the bar, his usual pint in hand. I felt, more than saw, Usagi slide into a seat next to me, downing yet another shot. Raxip and I made some small talk that I honestly can't remember clearly, I was busy trying to watch Usagi as she bent over the bar for each of her shots. Something about fleeting with me more often, it had been a while since we last flew together.

Raxip took the initiative to introduce himself to Usagi, while she took the chance to take a verbal jab at me, in reference to fleeting with me. "I dunno. He hides a lot. I've been looking for him for weeks."

I stopped a bit short of choking on my whiskey, throwing out the first thing that came to mind as she shook Raxip's hand. "Only been hiding from you, perhaps you've been spending too much time in your quarters again." I threw back at her, only semi-defensively.

I couldn't tell if her flirtatious grin was aimed at me or Raxip, my eyes narrowing as pessimism took hold. Chuckling in spite of myself with her reply; "That is where all the fun is, you know."

I took the chance to trace her body slowly with my eyes, drawing out my reply. "Then why haven't you granted me access yet?" A strange look passed over her face at that second, one I wish I could have examined in closer detail, in private. Raxip took this chance to throw in some question about Rote that drug my eyes off Usagi, though not for long.

I took Usagi's own advice and went back to work on her, tugging her to my side, so I could lean over and smell one of the shots she was taking, not to mention tonguing. The smell from the empty shot was enough to clear my sinuses, and my head for a few seconds.

"So, you two…? Or still trying Logan?" Raxip queried, 'innocently.' I glanced over at him, trying to determine the path of his question, finding it harmless, I quipped back, "she acts all flirty here, but I'm still trying, sadly." The sadly part came out a bit louder than I had meant it to, as I thought it was more a note to myself then for public consumption. Her glass, semi full again passed under my nose, again, clearing it. "Good lord…"

Raxip waved over at a newcomer, someone I could not quite see, but made Usagi give a rather loud, to my ears at least, near drooling. "Oh wow." I thought if it caught her attention it would be worth a look and glanced over catching a quick glance that was worth an unspoken wow.

Usagi turned towards me then, chiding that she came here with me for a reason. I was starting to not be so sure, but the soft touch of her lips on my forehead, somehow deftly avoiding the implanted spikes placed there sent a lascivious shiver down my spine, and tightened my hand on her side briefly.

I tried to recover quickly, "my lips are a little lower hun." My hand releasing her side and reaching down to smack her ass playfully, and I admit, possessively. My hand stayed there for the rest of the night, mostly motionless, mostly. I was overtly pleased with my 'tactful' introduction of my hand on her ass.

Usagi was clearly taken by the newcomer, who introduced herself as Morgane Lysander. Usagi was barely holding back her drool, I had to admit that Morgane was quite attractive. I pulled Usagi into my lap, reminding her that I was here with her. She seemed more than willing, sliding down into his lap. It felt… comfortable, and I left my hand on her rear.

I spent the next few minutes trading verbal barbs with Usagi, attempting to keep her interested in me, and not wholly focused on Morgane, while talking to Raxip as well as Morgane. I couldn't tell if Raxip was trying to divert my attention or gain Usagi's, but Usagi was of no help. One second readjusting herself provocatively on my lap, making the hair on the back of my neck stand straight, then seconds later, going so far as to flash Raxip a few seductive smiles. Smiles that should have been meant for me.

Raxip decided to turn his attention towards trying to distract me from Usagi, amidst a conversation about Raxip's dancing prowess he sprung the invitation to dance before their next joint fleet we both made it to. It would have to be a date! Besides, that fleet would have to be lucky with that kind of ceremony before hand.

An annoying beep sounded deep inside my ear, requiring my attention, I could stay no longer. While the beeping grew slowly in intensity, and irritation. Still I waited, taking the time to enjoy the feel of Usagi placed in my lap. When I could wait no longer, I carefully lifted her from my lap, standing behind her for a moment. Holding in the conversation for just a moment longer, hinting to Usagi she would be welcome to intrude into my quarters, trying to make it as obvious as I could.

I leaned down, kissing her on the neck, my mouth open a little bit, tongue flicking out to take a small taste of her skin before giving her a playful bite on the side of her neck. Her hand slid down my arm as I stepped away, giving the brief impression that she wished I wasn't leaving. It was little more than brief as she gave a curt, polite wave goodbye, refocusing on Morgane.

I stepped between the two, shaking Morgane's hand before moving towards Raxip, scooping him up in my arms for a tight hug, getting him back for a similar act weeks ago, pulling back with a grin, just in time for him to plant one on me, clearly winning the exchange.

I could do nothing but laugh, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, taking one last look back at Usagi, then over to Morgane, then back to Usagi, wondering if by leaving I had just lost a chance, to be dropped off at the hands of Morgane. As I walked out, I hoped not.

Several hours had passed since then, my matters resolved, door closed, alone. I twisted in my seat, the whiskey bottle mostly gone now, drank in silence, I headed for my computer, quickly pulling up the allowed access list, removing the second ID, character by character. I turned for the bedroom, but didn't make it, tripping over my own, uncooperative feet, landing squarely on my face. I snorted once, maybe I am a lightweight, then closed my eyes.

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The Last Gate - Usagi's take.

It's interesting how two people can do the same thing, see the same thing but still see it completely differently.

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