Saturday, November 17, 2012


Tonight was, or I guess last night was, the "final" move of our Syndicate cleanse diet. Honestly this was the only move of the cleanse diet that might end up meaning anything. In a speech to the alliace, Cassius Longinus rallied the troops, stating simply:

 "Sure, we'll go back to roaming, and it's all good. But YOU need to look in the mirror and decide you are OK with being John Fucking Revenants bitch."

 If anything is needed to rally the troops it is the simple call to not be beaten by John fuckin Rev. We moved into 98Q, unopposed, making it our home. Now for those who don't follow Syndicate that well, IRED has had plenty of time to fortify the pocket, they operate out of 98Q, out of the 5-4 station, the same station that is now our home.

 They roll heavier than we do, run strong fleet comps, and have consistent success against our gangs. In fact the last few times we have seen them in space they have either been us running away, due to their numbers or better comp, or they have wiped the floor with us. Most times both.

 In short, if we don't bring our "A" game, they are going to stomp us. In fact, unless we pull our collective heads out of our asses, they are going to stomp us. Once again to quote Cass:

"if Rote Kapelle is going to take a fucking nap, then I want IRED to win. I want them to be able to snark in local about how they fucked our shit up. I'm not going to make fun of them again and again, without putting it on the line and letting them put the lie to my smacktalk."

I couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, I won't even try. I look forward to the next few weeks with the tension and eagerness of a fighter in a bout. Round one raises it's head.

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