Friday, November 30, 2012

New Eden Open Finals are upon us!

Ahh the NEO, after missing last weekend and the dramatic elimination of the FHC US TZ group, "Much Crying Old Experts" I'm left without much of a pony in this fight. Well that was until I saw that not only did the HYDRA RELOADED/Darkside. team make it into the final weekend, but so did the Suddenly Spaceships team, Winners of ATIX and Seldarine on the loose!

Here is a quick listing of all the teams left and who they actually are...

*      Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters – Team Captain: Seldarine - Suddenly spaceships teama

*      Ronin and the Pixies – Team Captain: Dwimm - RONIN team

*      XXXMity -  Team Captain: KwarK uK - Team Liquid/Tuskers team.

*      Expendables – Team Captain: HaartSp - Hydra Reloaded

*      The Reputation Cartel – Team Captain: luckyccs - FHC EU!

*      Asine Hitama’s team – Team Captain: Vlada Silni - G0dfathers team

Team schedule can be found here : Day Five : Day Six

AND betting can be found on Monocle madness!

I would make predictions, but this late in the game I have no chance of getting anything right! Matches start on Saturday Dec 1st at 1800! Enjoy!

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  1. Quick note, The Expendables aren't Genos. Their Hydra members are from Haart's corp The Deliberate Forces, they also include several Darkside pilots, and they have no Genos members.

    1. Oversight has been corrected, thank you Fozzieman!